Archival Project Report Updates

Fall 2015 Update:

Since our last report, we have typed 113 works from PB's personal library. These are rare volumes that are either nearly or completely impossible to find anywhere. We have completed a presentation detailing the breadth and rarity of the items in the PB collection, which we are now preparing to show to universities.

As we continue to proofread PB's unpublished writings, we have been tracking the people and works that PB references; we have created a reference list with biographical details about who these people were and why PB might be referencing them.

The Photo Project is 80% completed; when done, we will have a complete catalog of all photos that PB took on his travels or posed in within our collection, and digital copies of the same.

We completed sorting PB's Clips in preparation for scanning the highlights.

We have hired a third employee, Amy Gruar, to assist with our cataloging, scanning, and proofreading.

Spring/Summer 2015 Update: View the pdf archival presentation from the June 27, 2015 PBPF Annual Meeting.

We are continuing to proofread the core PB writings that were recently digitized; we currently have 12 active proofreaders and 6 proofreaders-in-training more are always welcome!). We have 25,134 pages of digitized notebook material, of which we have proofed 2,403 so far (9.5%)

We have also inventoried 700 photo prints; we don't know exactly how many photos we have total, but we have at least 1,000 prints, and at least 791 negatives. We are continuing to inventory PB's photos, and match them to their respective negatives when we can and identifying the subject matter of the photos.

We are also in the process of having some of the rarer books (some with PB's marginal commentary) from PB's library scanned and typed. We have received back the first batch of digitized books, and a second batch (out of a total of three batches) is currently underway.

We are working on categorizing and typing up a large quantity of handwritten correspondence PB had received from his many acquaintances and readers. This project is only just beginning, so we do not know yet how extensive this collection will be, but we are very excited about it.

Stage one of the "Clips Project" is completed! We are done sorting through PB's newspaper and article clippings. Now we will begin the process of deciding what to scan and add to the PB Archive, and what to classify as primarily of sentimental value.

The Archival Task Force is continuing to search for alternative permanent homes for the PB Archive. We are currently in the information gathering stage of this process, while continuing to maintain a relationship with SOAS in London as a strong possibility.

We are also working to refine our organization of all the materials, and continue to expand a comprehensive inventory of all physical and digital materials. We are also creating an archival "Box List" that is designed to be compatible with University archival standards, in preparation for an eventual donation.