The Gift of Grace Book Reviews


Amazon reader reviews for The Gift of Grace (US)

“For those on a spiritual quest- no matter the tradition- this text is truly a blessing. It is the most wholesome and constructive presentation of the Divine Presence in a brief form that I have thus far discovered in my 40 years of research. It is fresh and pristine—it is very readable- and thoroughly modern. A great gift to anyone who needs hope and solace in times of crisis—in short, it is good for all.”

“This book is a gem: brightly hopeful, moving, inspiring. It is also a very readable, beautiful entrance way to the spiritual views of Paul Brunton. Sam Cohen's excellent introduction provides a concise overview of PB's beliefs. The quotations are well chosen and aptly arranged. Cohen sensitively explains his decision to make PB's language more gender inclusive, a decision I consider eminently sensible. Need I add that this book marvelously resonated with me? Highly recommended.”