Plotinus Reprint Project

One of the most successful non-PB publications we have supported in the past years is the carefully created edition of MacKenna’s translation of Plotinus’s Enneads.  It continues to be in demand, and our stock is running low, so we need your help to reprint it.

This unique edition indicates and includes alternate translations of all passages.  The PBPF includes Plotinus in its book list because it was one of the last books PB himself was studying in his final years, and because of its great significance in the development of Damiani’s vision, Astronoesis.

Plotinus is the Mystic Sage of the West.  He was utterly a lover of wisdom, and the Enneads are the pinnacle of exquisitely wrought metaphysical insight.  We are the sole holders of the rights to this special edition and are the only ones who can reprint it.

With donations of $5,000 we can reprint the book and continue to make it available.  The proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to maintain the daily function of the PBPF (which is minimal) and for the development of additional publications (of which we have a long list!)

Projected Cost of this Project: $5,000.00

TO DONATE: If you would be interested in fully funding or donating a large portion of funds toward this project, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss our plans in further detail with you.