Meditations for People in Charge

New Dimensions newsletter, Winter 1996


Having first encountered Paul Brunton through his classic A Search in Secret India, when I had just discovered the "wisdom of the East" during the sixties, it was wonderful to "rediscover" him in the early eighties with the release of the sixteen-volume Brunton Notebooks, compiled from over 7,000 pages he had left for posthumous publication.

Brunton was one of this century's spiritual pioneers, and traveled the planet garnering wisdom from his contacts with teachers of many cultures and traditions. Here his words are used as a focus on what it means to be in charge. I found the book to be filled with practical wisdom as contrasted to intellectual knowledge, the true voice of experience versus that of the theoretician writing "about it". It's a great gift for anyone you may know in a leadership position . . . aren't we all leaders? -- Michael Toms