The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening

Review by Light of Consciousness magazine, Fall 2014


Paul Brunton, a British philosopher, writer and teacher traveled to India in the 1930s and met the sage, Ramana Maharshi. Brunton was among those who brought Eastern teachings to the West and one of the greatest teachers of Hinduism of the 20th Century. Selections from his posthumously published works were compiled into this guide to the spiritual path: the Long Path of step by step purification and practices, and the Short Path of surrender and oneness. As Brunton makes clear, the Long Path is necessary preparation for the Short Path, although to some extent both may be undertaken together. His brief, pithy passages present a virtual road map to Self Realization: concise, practical, no-nonsense, yet very kind, wise and high. Readers will be helped to discover where they are on their own path, and how to move on. Enlightenment is always "immediate" when it happens; here is some solid guidance on diving into the ocean of Grace.