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About Paul Brunton (PB)

Paul Brunton (1898-1981) is that rarest of humans: a sage.  Born in London, his mystical and occult sensitivity soon led him East, first to India and Egypt, and then around the world.  Blending his own inner inquiry with ancient traditions and contemporary teachings, PB developed a philosophy designed to suit the 21st century yet steeped in the greatest wisdom and love provided to humankind—the Wisdom of Pure Mind and the Love of our own Higher Self.

A lifetime of both inner and outer research enabled Paul Brunton to bring the secret teachings of the East to the West and to make them understandable to the heart, mind, and soul.  PB, as he liked to be called, uncovered the spiritual truths flowing through all religions and philosophies. His writings provide spiritual seekers of all faiths, as well as independent thinkers, a guide full of beauty and grace that will carry them forward in their quests to reach that greatest of all treasures, their own Higher Self, soul or Overself.  Go to Frequently Asked Questions to discover ways to put this living wisdom into your life. more >> 

Please note: Paul Brunton wrote when the convention was to use “he” rather than “he or she,” but certainly he intended these teachings for everyone drawn to study them.

About the Teachings and Publications

For people who are drawn to these spiritual practices, a careful study of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton will provide all of the tools you need for a daily—and lifelong—practice of spiritual seeking.

"It was my mission to launch many readers on this quest, but to travel no farther with them.  It was their part to find their way to personal teachers, to congruent teachings, and continue the quest with them." - Paul Brunton

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" The body gives us our existence in this time-spaced world but its service does not stop there; for, its flesh cleansed and its breathing quieted, it lends itself to higher purpose--no less than acting as a temple of the holy Spirit for..." MORE...