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This book has been wrought around many moods and it is the work of several years, so that it might seem in places as though it were the production of two or three different hands. I could have omitted some chapters because they might be thought to break the harmony of the whole, and because they sound a note not so certain or happy as I have generally sought to give forth. But I prefer to let them stay as showing something in the way of growth, and to let them stand as milestones where I had camped for a while but have long since passed by. Some of the subsequent paragraphs were indeed written so long ago that I can hardly claim identity with the author, such are the changes which the years bring.
  1. Two Essays
  2. Philosophy and Contemporary Culture
  3. Encounter With Destiny
  4. Reflections On Truth
  5. The Literary Work
  6. The Profane and The Profound