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The Orient

It is good to go as a touring sightseer to those exotic Oriental lands but it is immeasurably better to go as a receptive seeker. "What can I learn there?'' is a more profitable attitude wherewith to enter them than "What can I look at there?'' Not to imitate their people should be our aim, but to take their best and fuse it with our own. If we come among them and their literary and artistic productions possessed by thoughtfulness, tolerance, humbleness, and aspiration, we shall return home enriched and enheartened indeed.
Let us utilize contributions from every quarter of the compass, but let us do so only to formulate our own individual wisdom. They are to help us, not to dominate us, for our effort must be a creative one.
  1. Meetings of East and West
  2. India Part 1
  3. India Part 2
  4. China, Japan, Tibet
  5. Ceylon, Angkor Wat, Burma, Java
  6. Islamic Cultures, Egypt
  7. Related Entries