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The Sensitives

We should distinguish the theories and doctrines woven round the mystic's experience from the significant features of the experience itself. And those features are: the awareness of another and deeper life, a sacred presence within the heart, the certitude of having found the Real, the gladness and freshness which follow the sense of this discovery.
The real is more miraculous than the illusory psychic, more occult than the so-called occult world, more fascinating than the fantastic.
  1. Mystical Life in The Modern World
  2. Phases of Mystical Development
  3. Philosophy, Mysticism, and The Occult
  4. Those Who Seek
  5. Pseudo and Imperfect Teachers
  6. Delusions and Painful Awakenings
  7. The Path of Individuality
  8. Christian Science, Other Spiritual Movements
  9. Inspiration and Confusion
  10. The Is Is Not an Ism
  11. Fanaticism, Money, Powers, Drugs
  12. The Intermediate Zone
  13. The Occult
  14. The Sensitive Mind
  15. Illuminations