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Inspiration and the Overself

When he first faces the mystery which is at the heart's core and in the mind's essence, he knows nothing about it other than that it is the source of his being and that it possesses a power and intelligence utterly transcending his own. Yet he feels that it draws his love and, in his best moments, inspires his character.
He feels the Presence of something higher than himself, wise, noble, beautiful, and worthy of all reverence. Yet it is really himself--the best part come at last into unfoldment and expression.
  1. Intuition the Beginning
  2. Inspiration
  3. The Overself's Presence
  4. Introduction To Mystical Glimpses
  5. Preparing for Glimpses
  6. Experiencing a Glimpse
  7. After the Glimpse
  8. Glimpses and Permanent Illumination