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Advanced Contemplation

Evolution is only an idea within the mind, hence it has the value of something imagined. The reality is that one has never left the heavenly being, but ignorance prevents him from realizing this. To get rid of this ignorance, he must sharpen the mind by constant effort, tranquillize it by meditation, and guide it through the help of a teacher.
Whatever path a man starts with, he must at the end of it come to the entrance of this path--the destruction of the illusion of the ego and giving up identification with it.
  1. Entering the Short Path
  2. Pitfalls and Limitations
  3. The Dark Night of The Soul
  4. The Changeover To the Short Path
  5. Balancing the Paths
  6. Advanced Meditation
  7. Contemplative Stillness
  8. The Void As Contemplative Experience