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Dear X:

Many interesting works have been published since Adamski started writing. As for my opinion, there are two types of UFO. There are the saucers, and there are the ships. Having had personal experience of both these saucers and ships, I cannot deny their existence, but too much unreliable fantasy has attached itself to the subject.

I regret that I am not in a position to discuss it any further. Advanced age has made retirement necessary. Inner needs have compelled a retreat from personal correspondence and interviews.

Thank you for the interest in my books; I hope you keep investigating still further and deeper--not only on the mystical side, but also on the philosophic, for which you have a wide field dating back many centuries. You should also not neglect the ancient Greek and the Chinese. It is not enough to limit oneself to Indian sources. [This was a standard response to queries about UFOs.--Ed.]

-- Notebooks Category 12: Reflections > Chapter 6: The Profane and The Profound > # 182

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.