The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

The Digital Notebooks of Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (PB) comprise the major body of posthumously published works of PB. Twenty eight categories were created by PB for his philosophic writings. After his passing, these writings were edited by teams of philosophic students under the guidance of two students trained by PB. They were published by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation and Larson Publications in 16 volumes over a period of eight years, and are presented here in their totality.

The first volume of the 16 Notebooks of Paul Brunton is titled: Perspectives. It contains an overview of the entire 28 categories. You might like to explore this online presentation first.

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  1. Overview of the Quest
  2. Overview of Practices Involved
  3. Relax and Retreat
  4. Elementary Meditation
  5. The Body
  6. Emotions and Ethics
  7. The Intellect
  8. The Ego
  9. From Birth to Rebirth
  10. Healing of the Self
  11. The Negatives
  12. Reflections
  13. Human Experience
  14. The Arts in Culture
  15. The Orient
  16. The Sensitives
  17. The Religious Urge
  18. The Reverential Life
  19. The Reign of Relativity
  20. What Is Philosophy?
  21. Mentalism
  22. Inspiration and the Overself
  23. Advanced Contemplation
  24. The Peace within You
  25. World-Mind in Individual Mind
  26. World-Idea
  27. World-Mind
  28. The Alone

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The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.