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What is Intuition?

There is another way of knowing beside the ordinary way, through the channels of eyes or thoughts, a way which can be found only by quietening the mind and stilling the emotions. 22.1.13

It is a state of pure intelligence but without the working of the intellectual and ideational process. Its product may be named intuition. There are no automatically conceived ideas present in it, no habitually followed ways of thinking. It is pure, clear, stillness. 22.3.204

They are messages brought from the infinite for the blessing and guidance of finite human beings. But you must recognize their value and esteem their source. 22.1.116

[If we understand that the form in which this pure, clear intelligence comes to us is through a stillness which is outside space-time, then it follows that it comes without any of our preconceived ideas or habitual thinking attached to it. Our ego’s thoughts are added afterwe receive the pure intuition, because our thoughts about it are created by our space-time intellect.]

How can we tell if inner guidance is truly intuitive or merely pseudo-intuitive? One of the ways is to consider whether it tends to the benefit of all concerned in a situation, the others as well as oneself. The word “benefit” here must be understood in a large way, must include the spiritual result along with the material one. If the guidance does not yield this result, it may be ego-prompted and will then hold the possibility of error. 22.1.196

If we react with anger, indignation, greed or lust it is most likely an impulse. 22.1.198

[Mental quiet is needed in order for us to correct egoisms that interfere with the clear reception of the quiet voice of the Overself.

Meditation helps us develop alert attention, impersonal observation, emotional calm and moral self-control. A quiet mind sharpens our reasoning ability and enables us to more accurately distinguish between intuition, this gift of pure intelligence, often only a whisper, and our own desires and fears.]

Whereas we can reach the intellect only through thinking, we can reach the spirit only through intuition. The practice of meditation is simply the deepening, broadening, and strengthening of intuition. A mystical experience is simply a prolonged intuition. 22.1.282

Such efforts will eventually open the way for intuition to come into outer consciousness and, absorbing all lesser elements, give us the great blessing of its guidance. 22.1.280

The intuition never needs to hunger for truth. While the intellect is seeking and starving for it, the intuition already knows and feels it. 22.1.43

The last act of human intellect, when it reaches its highest level, is to recognize its own limitations and surrender its own authority. But the surrender is not to be made to another human intellect! It is to be made to the intuition. 7.1.88 (Category 7 in v.5, pt.2, chap.1, para 88)

When intuition guides and illuminates intellect, balances and restrains the ego, that which the wise call “true intelligence” arises. 22.1.41

In the fully trained philosopher, intuition is the most active faculty. 22.1.250

The quotes above are taken from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Volume 14, Inspiration and the Overself, and Volume 5, Emotions and Ethics/The Intellect.

  • Beverly Bennett, PBPF Board Member