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All of the projects described here are made possible because of donations and the many hours of dedicated work by our working Board and others who volunteer their time to preserve and present the teachings of Paul Brunton in a variety of ways.

If you are interested in furthering the work of the Foundation, we are very grateful for your support. Because the PBPF consists of working volunteers, 100% of your donation supports Foundation projects.




Part of the PBPF’s mission is to preserve all of the items and works of PB as best as possible.

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The PBPF has secured the copyrights to all of PB’s books. Read more…

Book Gift Project

It is our hope to make PB’s wisdom widely available for serious students, searching for the Truth. Read more…

Prison Book Project

Sending thousands of books to incarcerated men and women at their request. Read more…


Our original site went online in 1996.  We have worked hard to launch this newly designed site with more content and features. Read more…


The PBPF seeks to develop local and international networks with other spiritual communities as consistent with PB ideas and ideals. Read more…


One of the most successful non-PB publications we have supported in the past years is the carefully created edition of MacKenna’s translation of Plotinus’ Enneads.  The PBPF includes Plotinus in its booklist because it was one of the last books PB himself was studying in his final years, and because of its great significance in the development of Anthony Damiani’s visionary Astronoeisis.  It continues to be in demand, and we plan to keep it in print.

We learned in 1985 that few libraries are still intellectual or spiritual leaders in their community; most have tiny budgets that go up or down annually in direct proportion to how many books are taken out by patrons.  So it is in the interest of these libraries’ survival to buy more copies of what is popular, rather than a broad selection of what may have lasting value.  This also means that in order to make more room for popular books, they often clear out older, less frequently borrowed classics.  We wanted to see more of Paul Brunton’s works donated to libraries around the world and many books were sent out under this program.  The decision was made however, to concentrate on spiritual and philosophic study centers and the project was continued in this direction under a new name, PBPF Book Gift Program.

In an effort to join with other international spiritual communities, consistent with PB’s ideas and ideals, PBPF participated in raising funds for a project created by Fraternidade International Humanitarian Federation.  This is a Brazilian spiritual group where PB is highly respected and widely read.  Their project was to make spiritual literature available in Portuguese-speaking regions of Africa.  The PBPF board was excited to participate in this project and helped raise funds to pay for the production cost of the PB books (already translated into Portuguese) that were distributed into Africa.

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