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PB’s lifetime of research is so vast it is hard to comprehend.  He traveled to so many places, met and interviewed countless people, and read an immense amount of ancient wisdom as well as contemporary authors.  Even his magnum opus, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, are only a partial publication of the volumes of interviews, diary notes, and reflections that he recorded practically every day of his life.  With so very many words, it is natural to want some balancing information—and we offer that here in the form of various groups of photographs.

PB took many of these photographs himself; where we have wished to illustrate something and lack an image from PB’s own library, we have either contributed our own images or acquired them from public domain sources.  Sadly, there are only a few seconds of PB on film, and he absolutely did not want his voice recorded for posterity—so what little access we have to his person is to be found here in these images and anecdotes.  (Please see our Reflections section for a good number of these.)

We have established four active categories of images for this site.  Over time we hope to expand the contents of each group, though in certain cases there’s bound to be an upper limit of available images.

Paul Brunton’s Portraits

Photos capturing Paul Brunton throughout his life.

Teachers and Associates

Teachers and specific colleagues with whom Paul Brunton interacted during his lifetime.

Paul Brunton’s Contemporaries

Individuals who interviewed Paul Brunton, whom he encountered in his various travels, or about whom he had something to say.

Paul Brunton’s Travels

Images Paul Brunton took in Asia, India, The Himalayas, and Egypt

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