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Videos from the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation

The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation has created a YouTube channel that features teachings from Brunton’s books and material from the extensive Archives of Paul Brunton.

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A Search In Secret India

Three part series

Part 2

Ramana Maharshi

PB’s first meeting

Part 3

Ramana Maharshi

PB’s mystic experiences

Quest Series 1

The Wisdom of Paul Brunton

  • What is Life’s Deepest Purpose?
  • What Is Self-Realization?
  • Where Can I Look for Spiritual Guidance?
  • Can I Find My Own Way?
  • What Blocks You from Self-Realization?
  • Keys to Awaken
  • Meditation: Essential Advice

Quest Series 2

Paul Brunton’s Answers Life’s Perennial Questions

  • What Is God?
  • What Is a Sane Religion?
  • Why Are We Here?
  • Is There Life after Death?
  • Why Is There Evil and Suffering?

Quest Series 3

Paul Brunton’s Spiritual Essentials

  • The Power of Prayer, Affirmations, and Mantras
  • Seeking Divine Grace
  • How Does Karma Work?
  • What Are the Spiritual Long and Short Paths?
  • How to Open to Intuitive and Inspired Guidance
  • What Are Spiritual Glimpses?

Paul Brunton’s Spiritual Journey

  • Part One: Reflections on My Life and Writings & My First Initiation into the Overself
  • Part Two: The Continuation of My First Initiation
  • Part Three: My Second Initiation into the Overself & Concluding Observations
  • Paul Brunton through the Years (photo montage)

Personal Meetings with PB

  • My Experience with Paul Brunton
  • Encounters with a Sage 1
  • Encounters with a Sage 2
  • Encounters with a Sage 3
  • Encounters with a Sage 4

Spiritual Life: Special Topics

  • Beauty as a Spiritual Path
  • Meditation on the Divine Sun
  • We Live in Apocalyptic Times
  • The Short Path to Enlightenment (interview)

A Search in Secret Egypt

A Night inside the Great Pyramid: Initiatory Experiences inside the King’s Chamber

Angkor Wat

Initiation in Angkor Wat: Highlights Paul Brunton’s travels to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 1939.

The Secret Doctrine of Angkor Wat: PB shares that he received secret teachings given to him by a Mongolian adept and that these contributed to the presentation of his philosophy of mentalism.

The Paul Brunton Official Channel

The Paul Brunton Official is a tri-lingual YouTube channel in Portuguese, Spanish, and English that features many videos about the life and teachings of PB.

It was initiated by Micha-El (Alan) & Gran (Beatriz) Berkowitz to especially serve the growing interest in South America for the philosophy of Paul Brunton. Micha-El is a former chairman of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.

Visit the Paul Brunton Official Channel

4936 NYS Route 414
Burdett, New York 14818