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Here are some sites that people interested in PB’s approach may also like to check out. They include further reading and resource sites of reviews of PB’s work, personal reflections on PB, groups who study PB’s ideas, and multimedia resources. There are also links to various organizations and individuals whose approach resonates with that of PB’s (and vice-versa). If you find any of these links are broken, please contact us at

Third parties’ use of Paul Brunton quotes is not necessarily used in the original context.

Associates and Students and Teachers of PB's Works

Associates & Contemporaries

  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama:
    www.dalailama.comDalai Lama Foundation:
    “Established in 2002, with the Dalai Lama’s endorsement and advice, by a core founding group including long-time friends of the Dalai Lama and members of the Silicon Valley business community…Our main program focus is in the area of education, promoting and developing projects and curricula for ethics and peace.”The Official Website of the Central Tibetan Administration:
  • Larson Publications
    Larson Publications Inc started in 1982 as a North American subsidiary of Sweden’s Larsons Förlag.  In 1984 publishing The Notebooks of Paul Brunton as quickly as possible became the company’s focus.  Two years later Larson joined forces with the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.  By early 1990 the Notebooks series was complete.  Besides Paul Brunton’s books, Larson (as part of PBPF) published works of Joseph Campbell, Anthony Damiani, Plotinus (MacKenna translation), Rumi (Ergin translations), Lex Hixon, René Guénon, Louis Lavelle,
    Georg Feuerstein, and a variety of gifted new writers.  In June of 2007, Larson started re-inventing Larson as an independent company. Books by PB and his student Anthony Damiani, as well as books by many others can be purchased through Larson Publications.
  • Roy Burkhart – Pastor of the First Community Church in Columbus Ohio
    Burkhart was a charismatic, mystical pastor who inspired many individuals in the Columbus PB Group.  He was one of the reasons PB came to Columbus. “A Healing Meditation” tells the story of a meeting with PB./li>
  • Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki
    D. T. Suzuki wrote many worthwhile books on Zen Buddhism, largely based upon his own deep experience of that tradition.  Anthony Damiani studied with him briefly at Columbia University./li>


  • Micha-El (Dr. Alan Berkowitz)
    Micha-El has been a student at Wisdom’s Goldenrod for over thirty years where he studied the perennial wisdom traditions with Anthony Damiani and where he has taught classes and workshops, served on the Board of Directors, and lived as a resident. He has also served as the Chairperson, Secretary, and Director of the PBPF’s Board.Towards the end of Paul Brunton’s life, Micha-El served for a period of time as his personal assistant. He is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of drug prevention, social norms, sexual assault prevention, and prejudice reduction.Micha-El has traveled to Brazil many times to participate in the activities at Figueira, a spiritual community established by Triguerinho Neto (see below). During his visits, he was invited by Trigueirinho (see 2.9 below) to give lectures on Paul Brunton and his teachings.
    There are ten lectures that can be listened to here: The Path of Philosophy.
  • Avery Solomon
    Avery Solomon has been a teacher and researcher at Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies in Hector NY for thirty years; he gives seminars and classes there and in several countries around the world on ancient wisdom and modern spirituality, meditation, and healing. (Past series of workshops include: “Dancing with the Cosmos,” “Looking into Mind,” “The Cosmology of Astrology,” and “Healing our Sense of Separateness.”)
  • Peter Holleran
    Peter Holleran was a philosophy major at Cornell before studying with Anthony Damiani in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.  He became a disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh and quite unexpectedly had an awakening  experience under his guidance in India in 1973.  Peter has spent time  with a number of different teachers since then and has been a student of the great traditions of philosophy and spirituality for over forty years.  He writes eclectic articles about PB’s work as well as those of many others, attempting to distill a wealth of different teachings into common themes.  He is a chiropractor by profession and is married with three children.
  • Vic Mansfield   (1941-2008)
    Vic attended Dartmouth College and completed graduate studies at Cornell in theoretical astrophysics.  Vic and his wife Elaine were among the founding members of Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies, where they were students of Anthony Damiani and were later class leaders in their own right.  Vic was a board member for the PBPF in the 1980s and was an award winning professor at Colgate.
  • Barbara Platek
    Barbara Platek and Steve Soiffer discuss PB in his times as a rising author, his extensive travels, and his key contribution to bridging the East and West in their article, “Rediscovering Paul Brunton.”  Barbara Platek is a practicing Jungian therapist and author of many articles onspiritual topics and about spiritually-minded individuals.
  • Mark Scorelle
    Mark Scorelle is a lifelong student of spiritual truth.  He spent fifteen years under the tutelage of Anthony Damiani.  He is the editor of “Advaita The Truth of Non-Duality” and had also facilitated a video-satsang group for seven years exploring modern Non-Dual teachers. Mark is a retired social worker, married to Dorothy, father of Erik.
  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy met Anthony Damiani in 1967, who introduced him to the writings of Paul Brunton, Plotinus, Vedanta, Jung, and Astrology.  In 1979 Timothy served as PB’s secretary, which led to the assignment of co-editing his posthumous works with Paul Randall Cash.  In the early 1990s, he visited Sri Shankaracarya in India several times, deepening his relationship to Hinduism, which he now teaches.  Tim has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years.
  • Joscelyn Godwin
    Joscelyn Godwin, Professor of Music at Colgate University, is an author, editor, and translator with an emphasis on the Western Esoteric Tradition. He met Anthony Damiani while a graduate student at Cornell, and made his first of several visits to PB in 1970. He is the co-author with Randall Cash and Timothy Smith of Paul Brunton: Essential Readings.

Teachers PB Knew

  • Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
    Official Site
    Information on visiting the ashram, schedules, special events; includes photosPB’s First Meeting with the Maharshi Q&A as recorded by Swami Rajeswarananda and published in Mountain Path, Oct. 1981.Eckhart Tolle discusses PB’s First Meeting with the Maharshi in his video “Silence Is the Best Speech.” Arunachala & Bhagavan Sri Ramana MaharshiPublications, Photos & Videos, Links, Downloads, Multimedia available for personal use Stuart Schwartz, spiritual teacher Godman (on Ramana)
    Interviews, stories, and books by David Godman about Sri Ramana
  • Shankaracarya 68th
    (AKA: Sankaracharya, Sankara)
    The Official Web Site of the Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham
    “Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham was established by Sri Adi Sankara in the year 482 B.C. and has the distinction of an unbroken line of seventy Acharyas (spiritual leaders).  On this website, we present you with several aspects of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism and Advaita Vedanta (running into several thousands of pages).” Works of Sankaracharya, Advaita Vedanta and Hindu Sacred Scriptures:
  • Martinus
    By Mary McGovern of the Martinus Institute”Martinus …is a man whom to know is to take into one’s heart. He embodies the intelligence, the selflessness, and the love,  which constitute the essence of his moral and practical teaching.” -Paul BruntonIn 1949, the novelist Ingrid Okkels wrote to Paul Brunton introducing him to the work of Martinus, a Danish spiritual teacher.  This resulted in Paul Brunton visiting Martinus in Copenhagen on 14th and 15th of July, 1950. Paul Brunton and his wife  Evangeline Brunton followed this up with a longer visit from May to August, 1952 during which they stayed with Martinus  at the Martinus Institute and spent 2-4 evenings per week being given a thorough introduction to his world picture.  Martinus (1890-1981) presented what he called the “eternal world picture,” a spiritual cosmology, which he communicated  through his books, articles, and symbols.  He explains the ongoing evolution of mankind and shows that all our experiences,  dark as well as light, contribute to our ultimate initiation as cosmically conscious, fully evolved human beings.

    Paul Brunton wrote an article that was intended to be a preface for Martinus’ book Mankind and the World Picture  which was later published in the English edition of the Martinus Institute’s magazine Kosmos no. 4, 1990.  Recently the Martinus Institute published a special 100th anniversary English edition of Kosmos that is  replete with interesting articles and images.

    Paul Brunton visited Martinus for a third time in September 1956. There are some photos of Martinus and PB in our gallery  and on their website.

    New documentary film about Martinus made by the Danish film director Lennart Pasborg. It has an English voice-over and optional English subtitles.On YouTube!

Associates and Students and Teachers of PB's Works


  • Maverick Philosopher: Bill Vallicella
    A recovering academician, Bill taught philosophy at various universities in the USA and abroad before abandoning a tenured position to live the eremitic life of the independent philosopher in the Sonoran desert.  He draws on PB’s Notebooks for some of his blogs.
  • German blog by Mirco This blog contains a variety of PB writings in German that include:
    “The Mystery of Evil,” A Message from Arunachala, eTeachings, and excerpts from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton.
    This blog is actively growing so please check back.


  • Library Thing
    LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.  LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books: books you own, books you’ve read, books you’d like to read, books you’ve lent out… whatever grouping you’d like.


  • “Encounters with PB” Telegram Group
    If you would like to receive a weekly quote from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton to your mobile phone via Telegram,  please contact Gran Berkowitz at +1 530 784-0417.

    INSTAGRAM: If you would like to follow Paul Brunton in Instagram in Portuguese and/or English, please go to Paulbrunton_

Posts & Articles & International Websites

  • USA
    • Laurie Conrad:
      Laurie Conrad is a clairvoyant and spiritual healer.  She lives in Ithaca, New York and is also a concert pianist and composer.  Her love for all creatures and her wish to help them inspired her first book, The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants, a collection of true stories, many involving miracles.  She gives half of her profits from the book to animal protection organizations.  She studied at Wisdom’s Goldenrod with Anthony Damiani.
      This site is the collection of personal experience of one person’s search for a spiritual teacher in various systems and seeks to help others
      who are on a similar search.  The author read some of PB’s books and reflects on their impact.
  • Brazil:
    • Micha-El & Gran Berkowitz have now formed a new Brazilian non-profit that offers PB teachings in Portuguese:
      The website is
    • Here is a beautiful, new website for PB in the Portuguese language!
    • We are happy to announce this beautiful, new website for PB in the Portuguese language!
    • Paul Brunton Estrela Filosófica” Telegram Group: If you would like to receive a weekly Portuguese Language quotes
      from the works of PB to your mobile phone via Telegram, please contact Gran Berkowitz at +1 530 784-0417.
    • Encontro Filosófico com PB” Grupo de Estudos zoo: If you would like to participate in this weekly PB Portuguese study group
      contact Micha-El at
    • Instagram: If you would like to follow Paul Brunton in Instagram in Portuguese and/or English, please go to Paulbrunton_
    • Here is another website for PB in the Portuguese language created by Daniel Cooper, a tri-lingual PB devotee from Ithaca, NY.
    • Two other YouTube channels for PB:
      PAUL BRUNTON DUBLADO is part of a Portuguese Eckhart Tolle You-Tube channel which also emphasizes Alan Watts and PB.
    • Portuguese Facebook page Paul Brunton em Portugues. An inactive Portuguese Facebook page by Daniel Assis that
      features quotes, translations from The Notebooks, photo’s, summaries of important topics in Paul Brunton’s opus, and more.
  • Ecuador, South America
    • The Institute of Psychology Research (INDIPP) in Quito, is a non-profit organization that provides perspectives and explorations of the psychological structure of the human being. It was founded more than 50 years ago by Dr. Patricio Bermúdez, who was a faithful scholar of PB´s writings. In 2021, Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies donated photocopies of 82 volumes of Paul Brunton’s unpublished material to the INDIPP library, to help support their PB studies and classes. A group of students at INDIPP, committed followers of PB´s teachings, are working on translations into Spanish of some of his early books, as well as videos and a Spanish website:
  • India:
    • Article on Paul Brunton (on
      “…article was first published in the September 1931 monthly magazine called PEACE, the journal of Swami Omkar’s Shanti Ashrama in Andhra Pradesh.  It was later reprinted in the April, 1966 issue of the Mountain Path.  It describes Paul Brunton’s first visit to Sri Ramanasramam and one of the dialogues he had with the Maharshi. In this article, his former name “Hurst” was used.  He later adopted Paul Brunton as his pen name which he ultimately made his permanent name.”
  • Sri Lanka
  • South and Central America and Spain:
    • JD Arimathea presents an overview of Ultimate Reality according to PB & others. JD’s impressive charting of spiritual philosophy serves as a pathway towards an understanding of the Truth, that is, of the Ultimate Reality behind all existence. In fact, quoting PB, this understanding is the “only remedy” for curing life’s dissatisfactions, and in the end, it is life itself that is trying to make us understand.
  • Sweden:
    • Larsons Forlag
      This publisher made PB’s books available in Sweden and was instrumental in supporting Larson Publications’ start in the United States.
    • Paul Brunton Stiftelsen (The Swedish Paul Brunton Foundation) coordinates the international internet service
      You are welcome to visit the website every day to read—and in some cases also to listen to—a new inspiring note, selected from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton.  At present the daily note is posted in 19 different languages, including PB’s original English.  The service will expand into new language areas when competent translators volunteer.
    • Also a new website by Robert Larson, PB Peace and Freedom is a wonderful study tool and introduction to 73 of PB’s major ideas.
      It is available in English, French, German, Russian, and Swedish.
    • Anna Bornstein:
      Anna Bornstein, student of PB’s, is well-known in her native Sweden for her project “The Dream of the Good,” which brings meditative disciplines into the classroom and other groups.  As her essays indicate, Anna is PB’s Swedish translator, and as such was afforded the opportunity to meet with him many times in the last decades of his life.

Reviews of PB's Work


  • Search results for Paul Brunton
    This page goes to the selection has of PB’s work, which can be selected individually to see specific reviews of each book.


Paul Brunton

  • Paul Brunton – The Quest – Slideshow (Posted by: ajhandes kanal)
    Video of images with music and displays of PB paras from The Notebooks
  • In the Presence of a Great Sage–Experiences of Paul Brunton
    A 3-part video of images of Ramana and PB with music, text from: A Search in Secret India
  • Paul Brunton – Elementary Meditation – Slideshow (Posted by: ajhandes kanal)
    Video of images with music and displays of PB paras from The Notebooks
  • Paul Brunton – Practices for the Quest – Slideshow (Posted by: ajhandes kanal)
    Video of images with music and displays of PB paras from The Notebooks
  • Paul Brunton – Relax and Retreat – Slideshow (Posted by: ajhandes kanal)
    Video of images with music and displays of PB paras from The Notebooks
  • The Way to Use a Philosophic Book Quest – Slideshow (Posted by: ajhandes kanal)
    Video of images with music and displays of PB paras from The Notebooks
  • Reflecting on the Spiritual Teachings of Paul Brunton (Posted by: Mowbray Books)
    Interview with Brian Sadler, author of Meaning and Purpose of Life
  • Readings from The Short Path to Enlightenment – (Posted by: Mikal Nielsen)
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • The Secret PathPaul Brunton, part 1 of 10 – (Posted by: David gold coast)
    Reading of the book in 10 videos.


  • Conscious Immortality: Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi, excerpts of teachings that Paul Brunton wrote down, 1935-39.

Further Reading & Resources


  • Blavatsky Net Foundation
    “This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching: Theosophy.  It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, research tools, original text, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction.”
  • Canadian Theosophy Website:
    The Canadian Federation of the Theosophical Society, established in 1924
  • Theosophical Society and occult groups:
    PB briefly joined the Theosophical Society and attended many gatherings held by the plethora of occult groups active in London in the years during and immediately after WWI.
  • Occult bookshops:
    PB ran a bookstore with his pal, Michael Houghton, which failed within months of opening.  During this time, the two friends rented an apartment in Tavistock Square—rooms which were fated to house a more successful publishing enterprise a few years later—for it became  the first home of The Hogarth Press, run by Virginia Woolf and her husband.  In 1922 Houghton opened The Atlantis Bookshop in Bloomsbury  which is still in operation today; in 1927 Houghton also wrote The White Brother: an Occult Autobiography under the pen-name Michael  Juste, which centers on a character named David, loosely based on Brunton.


Tibetan Literature

  • Snow Lion Publications is now part of Shambhala Publications
    “Since its inception in 1980, Snow Lion Publications has had the goal of publishing a complete overview of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Now a part of Shambhala Publications with its youthful management team of enthusiastic Tibetan Buddhists, the Snow Lion mission of publishing books from every major tradition of Tibet, including the philosophic tenet systems and practices in both the sutra and tantra systems, will continue into the indefinite future.  This is some of the very best literature on Tibetan Buddhism and culture.”


  • Yoga:
    Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., who has written about PB, is founder-director of the Yoga Research Center and author of many books available
    on this site, including Shambhala Guide to Yoga, Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga (both published by Shambhala Publications), and Lucid
    (Inner Traditions).
  • Yogananda and Ananda Ashrams:
    A member of the Ohio group had studied and been at the Yogananda center in California before becoming an avid student of PB.
    At PB’s suggestion the Ohio group met with an Indian guru, Dr. R. S. Mishra, a neurosurgeon at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.
    Dr. Mishra later founded Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York and also wrote a preface to one of PB’s earlier books.


  • Website
    Articles on non-dualism
    Includes one article about PB and a teaching by PB on the long and short path.


  • Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library:
    “The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library is an international community using Web-based technologies to integrate diverse knowledge about Tibet and the Himalayas for free access from around the world. Serving a wide range of communities, we publish multilingual studies, multimedia learning resources, and creative works concerned with the area’s environments, cultures, and histories.”
  • Theban Mapping Project – Valley of the Kings, Egypt
    This is an amazing site that documents details of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt—an area that PB mentions in A Search in Secret Egypt; the owners of this site gave permission for a photo to be used in the new special edition of the book.
    “Our international nonprofit organization provides resources for living in the gentle power of gratefulness, which restores courage, reconciles relationships, and heals our Earth.”
  • Internet Sacred Texts Archive:
    “Welcome to the largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.”
  • Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
    “The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future.”
  • Sites related to the region where the PBPF is located
    The Foundation is headquartered in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, where the original writings and photographs of Paul Brunton are housed.  This site has information and images of the area.
    Cornell University is in the upstate New York region where the PBPF is located.  It is a very special area, and Cornell has a history linked to many spiritual people and activities.  For example, His Holiness Shankaracharya, the spiritual head of South India, sent his personal secretary T.M.P. Mahadevan to Cornell University in nearby Ithaca to teach Indian philosophy, during which time he also established a large collection of Hindu Philosophy books at Olin Library.
    TAT Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Richard Rose to provide a forum for friendship and the spiritual search.

  • The Voice for Love

    We teach a meditation process for helping people experience the Truth of who they are. We receive over 60,000 unique visitors each month.

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