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H ow does one become receptive to these healing resources? Let me tell you a story. Dr. Paul Brunton was here in Columbus last spring. I spent an hour with him at the Deshler Hotel in meditation. During that hour a whole plan of receptivity to healing came to me. It was an inspiration.

At the close of our period, just as I was about to take leave, Dr. Brunton said, “you give yourself so fully but you have not learned to be receptive to the healing resources in the universe. I am going to uphold you with my thoughts. From tonight on, when you go to bed, lie on your back and open your hands and be receptive to the healing resources in the universe. They will enter your body through your hands and through your head and invade every cell of your body. If any part of your body is affected, put a hand on it.”

“After your body is in tune with these healing sources, then lift up others, so that these resources can flow to them in your thoughts. Start with those closest and move outward until you have included all the children of God all over the world.”

I began that very night. I have never missed one night since. It is as automatic now, but more thoughtful, than undressing or washing my face. I have been blessed with perfect health ever since, with the exception of a little hoarseness that I developed last summer in Utah. I have been more productive since than ever in my life. I have worked more hours, with more ease, with more zest, with more of a sense of significance.

Excerpt from a sermon by Dr. Roy Burkhart, head pastor of the First Community Church, Columbus, Ohio.

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