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The PBPF seeks to develop local and international networks with other spiritual communities as consistent with PB ideas and ideals.  If you know of groups that we should be connected to, if you are part of a PB study group yourself, or if you want to connect with others, email us at

If you are interested in furthering the work of the Foundation, we are very grateful for your support.


New York, USA

Wisdom’s Goldenrod is a philosophic study/meditation center in the Fingerlakes region with a beautiful library and small retreat facilities. It was founded in 1972 by Anthony Damiani, and his students were very active in constructing the four buildings on the property in Hector, NY. Members of Wisdom’s Goldenrod serve on the PBPF. Please visit their website to discover more about their programs.


Figueira is a spiritual community where Paul Brunton is highly regarded and widely read. Triguerinho, a direct student of Paul Brunton, was a well-known spiritual teacher who helped to establish a monastic order and a number of spiritual centers. Many of his thousands of students are PB students and PB is frequently mentioned in his books and lectures.  Trigueirinho met PB in 1980 and PB spoke very highly of him and his work. Editora IRDIN has published a number of PB books in Portuguese.

California, USA

The Shasti Association In Mount Shasta, California is an affiliate of the Fraternity International Humanitarian Foundation, one of whose founders was the Brazilian author and spiritual teacher Jose Trigueirinho Netto, who has written extensively about PB.  Micha-El (Alan Berkowitz) and Gran (Beatriz Berkowitz) are the Association Co-Presidents.  In addition to translating and publishing the work of Trigueirinho into English, the Shasti Association has been instrumental in making available the writings of PB to a Portuguese language audience.  For more information concerning this work and the communities affiliated with it go to the following links:

Czech Republic

Miroslav Culak has a website dedicated to Paul Brunton.  He also cooperates with Paul Brunton Stiftelsen in Sweden, the international coordinator of the Students study independently and meet twice a year.  For information contact Miroslav at Also see these important sites: and


Ecuador, South America

The Institute of Psychology Research (INDIPP) in Quito, is a non-profit organization that provides perspectives and explorations of the psychological structure of the human being. It was founded more than 50 years ago by Dr. Patricio Bermúdez, who was a faithful scholar of PB´s writings.

In 2021, the PBPF donated photocopies of 82 volumes of Paul Brunton’s unpublished material to the INDIPP library, to help support their PB studies and classes.

A group of students at INDIPP, committed followers of PB´s teachings, are working on translations into Spanish of some of his early books, as well as videos and a Spanish website:

In addition to weekly classes, they also have a Spanish Facebook and Instagram page for PB’s teachings:;
Contact information:



The Leighton Buzzard Philosophical Discussion Group,Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK. Contact Brian Sadler at
The group encourages open discussion on issues of metaphysical teachings and the psychic/spiritual/mystic experiences of members.  The latter range from out-of-body experiences to cosmic consciousness experiences.  The writings of PB have inspired Brian for 40 years and are the guiding light for both him and the group.
Brian is the author of The Meaning and Purpose of Life:  The BIG Jigsaw Puzzle, published in 2011 and available from



‘Mandalagroup’ is a network of people in Norway that is connected to Anna Bornstein and the Swedish ‘Mandalavännarna’ (Mandalafriends).  Many of the members have attended several retreats given by Anna Bornstein in Norway and Sweden over the last 15 years and most are familiar with at least some of PB’s ideas, and some of his books. Members from this group attend the seminars given by Avery Solomon in Sweden. Gudrun does the Norwegian translation on the pbdailynote and helps to translate some of PB’s books into Norwegian. For more information contact

Ohio, Columbus USA

Originally based primarily in Columbus (some of it’s long-time members have moved), this is a group of serious PB students, closely affiliated with Wisdom’s Goldenrod, who have been studying all the major philosophies for over 40 years.  In addition to weekly classes, they arrange guest lecturers on philosophic topics for the general public.  For more information contact Linda Baldeck at or Mary Ann Flory at


Avery Solomon, a student of Anthony Damiani and Paul Brunton, is the much loved teacher of study groups in Sweden. Every year since 1993, sometimes more than once a year, Avery has come to Sweden to give seminars and lectures. The number of Swedish students is close to one hundred. For more information about seminars and lectures, please contact Avery –

Paul Brunton Stiftelsen (The Swedish Paul Brunton Foundation) coordinates the international internet service You are welcome to visit the website every day to read—and in some cases also to listen to—a new inspiring note, selected from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton.  At present the daily note is posted in 19 different languages, including PB’s original English.  The service will expand into new language areas when competent translators volunteer.

Mandala Friends is a group of friends connected with Anna Bornstein ( and, of course, PB.  They meet occasionally for retreats and other events.  The Mandala Friends want to arouse interest in the inner world of the mind and spread knowledge about it.  They encourage talks about important life topics and want to assist in the creation of local quester groups in different parts of Sweden.  The group meets occasionally for retreats and other events and are inspired by Paul Brunton.

The network include translators, readers and administrators in many countries.  Click here for the names and email addresses of translators and readers.

The Dream of the Good, inspired by Paul Brunton, is a network promoting Mindfulness and stillness methods in Preschools and schools.


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