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by Barbara Plaisted

A philosophic life is a rare thing; richness attained after years – more likely lifetimes – of work. On the one hand we have to integrate the functions of thinking, willing, and feeling into a balanced psyche and on the other, we need to engage in the practice of resting in the Presence of Higher Being . The first brings competent management of practical living; the second, increased wisdom and peace. Developing and uniting these opposite qualities yields a new being, one who is stronger and fitter for the task of living. We may veer from side to side at times but we find guidance as intuition sharpens. As we hear the call of Truth , we get hungry for more understanding and more light. When a “glimpse” brings an experience whose other-worldliness, beauty and loveliness leaves us with an overwhelming sense of humility, we know the struggle is worth it. Not to say that confusion isn’t rampant at times but we do get help; we learn it takes work to polish a diamond.

So living a philosophic life is a life of balance, holding everyday matters within the broader container, the Overself. As increasing facets of light shine into us we pray for insight so we might see the nobility in making better choices for the benefit of all.

PB writes:

“As one who has travelled around the world and as one who endeavored to apply the philosophical attitude towards life, he tries to keep his thinking about political international questions not narrow and partisan but global and impartial.”