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In The Short Path to Enlightenment, Paul Brunton gives voice to the profound teachings of immediate spiritual awakening that have the power to short circuit the seeker in us and reveal the true nature of reality here and now. But the true gift of this wonderful book is in how nuanced and subtle Paul Brunton understood these profound and transformational teachings and how directly he conveys them. Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra and let it open your eyes to eternity.


Paul Brunton's... observations, spiritual insights, and pointings reveal a laser-sharp eye that directs us back to that which is obvious within ourselves, though obviously overlooked-the Divine Self.


The Short Path to Enlightenment is a deeply supportive text from the extraordinary Paul Brunton, the spiritual explorer who first brought knowledge of Ramana Maharishi to the West. Readers receive the invitation and instruction to discover the truth of oneself. This book is alive with supreme knowledge. May it support you in immediately and continually recognizing yourself.


Paul Brunton is one of my 'eyes.' My shakti [spiritual power] is working through him. Follow him closely.

Ramana Maharshi

It is to the likes of Brunton, Vivekananda, and A.E. Burt that I bow in gratitude for early initiations.

Stephen Levine

A person of rare intelligence... thoroughly alive, and whole in the most significant, 'holy' sense of the word.

Yoga Journal

Paul Brunton's Notebooks are a veritable treasure-trove of philosophic-spiritual wisdom.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of a future humanity.

Jean Houston

Any serious man or woman in search of spiritual ideas will find a surprising challenge and an authentic source of inspiration and intellectual nourishment in the writings of Paul Brunton.

Jacob Needleman

Instructions for Spiritual Living is another wonderful book from Paul Brunton. Mature seekers need mature advice and Paul Brunton provides this. I have often said one needs to be quite mature spiritually in order to use a true spiritual teacher or master wisely.

Jacqueline Longstaff

He handles the material [in The Wisdom of the Overself] as a master and not as a mere onlooker... .Brunton is the needed link between scholarly research, without which he would never have arrived where he is now, and the layman who is longing for a higher way of life...

Review of Religion, Prof. Frederic Spiegelberg, Stanford University

... it is a book which should prove a source of inspiration to many... it must be admitted to give a truer, more useful and safer account of yoga than many far more pretentious treatises.

Sri Krishna Prem reviewed PB's The Secret Path, in The Aryan Path:

When Christopher Reeve was asked in a BBC interview which book he would want if stranded on a desert island, he replied "Discover Yourself [currently titled The Inner Reality] by the philosopher Paul Brunton."

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton represent the acme of wisdom on the nature of human spirituality. Every serious student of this subject will profit enormously by becoming acquainted with Brunton's seminal work.

Kenneth Ring

Nowhere else will you find such a profound synthesis of East-West philosophic mysticism stripped of all the usual obscurity and extravagances. Both the modern intellect and the weary heart will find unlimited inspiration, wisdom, and guidance for action in these Notebooks.

Victor Mansfield, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Colgate University

Paul Brunton was surely one of the finest mystical flowers to grow on the wasteland of our secular civilization. What he has to say is important to us all.

Georg Feuerstein

A truly comprehensive and authoritative work [Instructions for Spiritual Living] that should be read by sincere seekers and advanced adepts alike. PB's work demonstrates a real mastery of the intricacies of spiritual life. His sagely conclusions on a number of key topics rarely covered elsewhere in spiritual literature provide an important contribution to our contemporary understanding of awakening and enlightenment. This kind of knowledge is indispensable for the modern seeker because it provides a clear picture of not only what to expect when going through the process of dis-identifying with form and becoming one with the formless, but also how to properly integrate this profound transformation of consciousness into an ordinary human life. We are very fortunate that his writings are available.

Stephen D'Amico

I went in India in August 1987 to visit His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya—the same Shankara that PB writes about in A Search in Secret India who encouraged PB to see Ramana. During the 1980s, students at Wisdom's Goldenrod were very busy arranging and publishing the sixteen volumes of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton. When these students went to visit the Shankara they took him the latest published volume. One day, I was with Shankaracharya in the back of the Mutt. For about 40 minutes he sat reading the Notebook volume that I had brought him, using a big flashlight. When he was done, I mentioned to him that I had some questions. He paused and then told me, "I couldn’t say it any better than PB has put it in these Notebooks.”

Avery Solomon

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