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Ed first met Paul Brunton in 1975 through his friend and Teacher, Anthony Damiani, while living as a resident student at Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies, in Valois, New York.  During this time Ed functioned as PB’s secretary, arranging all of his interviews with the members of Wisdom’s Goldenrod and tending to a myriad of daily details.

As a result of this experience he offered his services to PB carte blanche, and, after some reflection, PB accepted his assistance in Switzerland, thus setting a precedent for the other Wisdom’s Goldenrod members who were able to continue in this office when Ed’s time (dictated in part by Swiss Visa limitations) with PB was at an end.  During his months with PB, Ed was a great help to PB as his correspondence secretary and factotum.  He furthered PB’s work on his then unpublished notebooks.  PB loved Ed, and in 1981 named him as one of three editors for the posthumous publication of his works.

While Ed was with PB, PB would say different “graces” before meals, which Ed wrote down.  Ed read these graces a number of times at Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies and wrote up a brief article less than a year before being called himself to “the grace that accompanies death” in September of 2002.

Click here to read his article, “Grace Notes“.

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