Christopher Reeve reads from "The Inner Reality " and "The Secret Path" by Paul Brunton

When Christopher Reeve was asked in a BBC interview which book he would want if stranded on a desert island, he replied "Discover Yourself [currently titled The Inner Reality] by the philosopher Paul Brunton." You can read the wonderful account of how these audio teachings came to be in the story below.

The Inner Reality and The Secret Path are excellent guides to awaken to our spiritual self, or the Overself as Paul Brunton terms it. He is generally recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West. His books have sold millions of copies all over the world and have been translated into 17 languages. Written with the passion of an authentic pioneer and the thoughtfulness of a seasoned practitioner, his writings are a guiding light for all seekers. Please note that Paul Brunton wrote in the literary convention of his time, using the masculine gender to refer to both male and female. We want to emphasize that his writings were intended for all.

“Although [Paul Brunton] sometimes assumed the persona of a mere journalist, his thought and presentation of spiritual ideas are as reliable and sound as any scholar’s, yet he communicates the aspiring energy of one who has experienced great spiritual truths for himself.” – Jacob Needleman

These following readings contain excerpts from The Inner Reality and The Secret Path. If you would like to read the full texts, they are available as books from