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From “Perspectives” – Volume 1 of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

PB explained the creative power of thought and the usefulness of holding certain inspired phrases in the mind during daily meditation. If care is taken that these declarations are positive, constructive, and elevating (such as the ones below) and are embraced with faith, sympathy, and pleasure, then the results of this type of meditation will show in one’s character and life. Here are some useful thoughts from PB to align oneself with the higher self, the divine Overself.

“I am becoming as free from undesirable traits in my everyday self as I already am in the Overself.”

“In my real being I am strong, happy, and serene.”

“I am the master of thought, feeling, and body.”

“Infinite Power, sustain me! Infinite Wisdom, enlighten me. Infinite Love, ennoble me.”

“My Words are truthful and powerful expressions.”

“I see myself moving toward the mastery of self.”

“May I co-operate more and more with the Overself. May I do its will intelligently and obediently.”

“I co-operate joyously with the higher purpose of my life.”

“O! Infinite strength within me.”

“O! Indwelling Light, guide me to the wise solution of my problem.”

“I am Infinite Peace!”

“I am one with the undying Overself.”

“Every part of my body is in perfect health; every organ of it in perfect function.”

“In my real self life is eternal, wisdom is infinite, beauty is imperishable, and power is inexhaustible. My form alone is human for my essence is divine.”

“I am a centre of life in the Divine Life, of intelligence in the Divine Intelligence.”

“In every situation I keep calm and seek out the Intuitive that it may lead me.”

“I look beyond the troubles of the moment into the eternal repose of the Overself.”

“My strength is in obedience to the Overself.”

“O Infinite and impersonal Bliss!”

“I am happy in the Overself’s blissful calm.”

“God is ever smiling on Me.”

“God is smiling on me.”

“The Peace of God.”

“I dwell in the Overself’s calm.”

“I smile with the Overself’s bliss.”

“I dwell in Infinite peace.”

“I am a radiant and revivified being. I express in the world what I feel in my being.”

What is newer than a new dawning day? What a chance it offers for the renewing of life too! And how better to do this than to take a positive affirmative Declaration like, “I Am Infinite Peace!” as the first morning thought, and to hold it, and hold on to it, for those first few minutes which set the day’s keynote? Then, whatever matters there will be to attend, or pressing weighty duties to be fulfilled, we shall carry our peace into the midst of them.

The effectiveness of a Declaration depends also upon its being repeated with a whole mind and an undivided heart, with confidence in its power and sincere desire to rise up.

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