Publishing, Reprinting & Editing PB’s Books & Materials

The PBPF has secured the copyrights to all of PB's books, and we are in the process of republishing and reprinting the ones that have been unavailable or low in numbers. We intend to keep The Notebooks, the original PB books that were published in the 30s to 50s, and the other special topic books available in print. Donations can be earmarked for this project and will be applied to the book preparation expenses for the new books and the cost of reprinting and updating older books to keep them current and available.

Publication Committee

Chair: Beverly Bennett
Members:  Cleta Rudolph   Jeff Cox   Janet Hollis Selby   Tom Marino  


Paul Brunton / PBPF Publications:

Original PB Books:

A Search in Secret Egypt (2007 deluxe edition)
A Search in Secret Egypt (fall 2015 paperback edition)
The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga (2015)
The Wisdom of the Overself (2015)
The Secret Path
The Inner Reality (spring 2016)
The Quest of the Overself
A Search in Secret India
The Spiritual Crisis of Man
Hermit in the Himalayas
A Message from Arunachala

Special Topic Books:

Realizing Soul (2015)
The Short Path to Enlightenment (2014)
What Is Karma?
Meditations for People in Charge
Meditations for People in Crisis
The Gift of Grace
Essays on the Quest (1984)
Instructions for Spiritual Living (2019)

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (CD ROM)
The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (16 Volumes)
     Volume 1: Perspectives
     Volume 2: The Quest
     Volume 3: Practices for the Quest - Relax and Retreat
     Volume 4: Part 1: Meditation
     Volume 4: Part 2: The Body
     Volume 5: Emotions and Ethics - The Intellect
     Volume 6: The Ego - From Birth to Rebirth
     Volume 7: Healing of the Self - The Negatives
     Volume 8: Reflections on My Life and Writings
     Volume 9: Human Experience - The Arts in Culture
     Volume 10: The Orient: Its Legacy to the West
     Volume 11: The Sensitives - Dynamics and Dangers of Mysticism
     Volume 12: The Religious Urge - Reverential Life
     Volume 13: Relativity, Philosophy, and Mind
     Volume 14: Inspiration and the Overself
     Volume 15: Advanced Contemplation - The Peace within You
     Volume 16: Enlightened Mind, Divine Mind


TO DONATE: If you would be interested in more information about this project, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss our plans in further detail with you.