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Instructions for Spiritual Living by Paul Brunton

253 pp., $16.99, 6 x 9"
Inner Traditions International, ISBN 978-1-62055-804-1
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
Audiobook also available!
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"A truly comprehensive and authoritative work that should be read by sincere seekers and advanced adepts alike. Paul Brunton's work demonstrates a real mastery of the intricacies of spiritual life. His sagely conclusions on a number of key topics rarely covered elsewhere in spiritual literature provide an important contribution to our contemporary understanding of awakening and enlightenment....We are very fortunate that his writings are available." —Stephen D'Amico, author of Heaven on Earth and The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness

No matter where we are in our spiritual development, we all have questions that need clarification about our practice and what we are experiencing—both the challenges and openings. We need trustworthy answers that go deeper than those available in the many general books on the inner life, useful though they may be.

Paul Brunton provides instructions to guide one’s development in three fundamental areas of the spiritual path: meditation, self-examination, and the unfolding of awakening. Guiding you with insight and care through each stage of meditation, including advanced states that deepen one’s inner life, he explains how meditation is the art and practice of introverting attention, of freeing oneself for a period of time from thoughts, sensations, and feelings and allowing the soul to reveal itself out of the quiet that one has created. He explains the goal of each meditative stage and the obstacles you are likely to face, and he examines the need for spiritual dependency on any particular guru, teaching, or practice, showing that following your intuition can bring spiritual success.

Exploring the process of self-examination and emotional purification, Brunton shows how life’s challenges are moments by which we can make real progress in our surrender to a higher life. He reveals how to break free from the ego, follow your intuition to align with your ideals, and tap into the inspiration flowing from within. He also examines the development of transcendental insight, the cornerstone of compassionate wisdom in action, which allows us to become a source of inspiration to all we encounter.

Comprised of writings received by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation after his death, this guide offers transformative wisdom to aid our understanding of what the spiritual journey entails, help point the way when the way is uncertain, and learn and grow from the challenges that arise as you develop spiritually.

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This is a new and very transformed edition of Essays on the Quest, originally published in 1984.

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Realizing Soul: From Intuition to an Inspired Life by Paul Brunton

160 pp., $14.95, 6 x 9"
Larson Publications, ISBN 978-1936012-32-9
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
In addition, a free Realizing Soul Study Guide was created by Robert Larson, PB's Swedish publisher.

"Paul Brunton's wisdom is like the child’s voice in the story, ‘The Emperor's New Clothes.’ His observations, spiritual insights, and pointings reveal a laser-sharp eye that directs us back to that which is obvious within ourselves, though obviously overlooked—the Divine Self." —Mooji

This new presentation of Paul Brunton’s acclaimed work features teachings on life’s deepest purpose from—a popular international website where inspiring selections from the encyclopedic The Notebooks of Paul Brunton are presented in 19 languages every day of the year by native speakers. Realizing Soul is an ideal inner guide for people who feel that “there must be something more” as well as for seasoned spiritual practitioners.

Intuition is the often overlooked gentle voice of the Overself. Attending to it is the beginning of surrender to its guiding wisdom and eventuates in glimpses, or temporary shifts of identity from the ego to the Overself. By following the long and short paths described here, eventually the Overself claims its offspring, the ego, and expresses itself through inspired living.

Paul Brunton is widely esteemed for creatively integrating the world’s sacred teachings into a practical, satisfying vision of spiritual life for our times. Major reviewers praise his work as "a rich vein of wisdom," "sensible, deep, and original," that "can stand beside Merton, Huxley, Suzuki, Watts, and Radhakrishnan." Here is a review posted on the Spirituality & Practice website.

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The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening
by Paul Brunton

$14.95, 160 pp., 6 x 9"
Larson Publications, ISBN 978-1-936012-30-5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

"Paul Brunton gives voice to the profound teachings of immediate spiritual awakening that have the power to short circuit the seeker in us and reveal the true nature of reality here and now. The true gift of this wonderful book is in how nuanced and subtle Paul Brunton understood these profound and transformational teachings and how directly he conveys them. Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra and let it open your eyes to eternity." --Adyashanti

"The Short Path to Enlightenment is a deeply supportive text from the extraordinary Paul Brunton, the spiritual explorer who first brought knowledge of Ramana Maharishi to the West. In this work, readers receive the invitation and instruction to discover the truth of oneself. This book is alive with supreme knowledge. May it support you in immediately and continually recognizing yourself." --Gangaji

These accessible teachings distill the essence of currently popular and traditional sudden-awakening teachings (Advaita, Zen, Dzogchen, etc.). Paul Brunton calls them “Short Path” teachings. A simple recognition, a brief moment of grace, can make what seemed like a far-off spiritual goal actual here and now. But we need reliable pointers for when and how and where to look. Brunton delivers the essence and practices of this path in direct, jargon-free language.

    * How to move from the Long Path of spiritual disciplines to the Short Path of direct insight
    * Short Path exercises
    * Experiences that may occur
    * Warnings
    * Stages of realization
    * Stabilizing the awakening
    * The nature of lasting enlightenment

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A Search in Secret Egypt: Special Illustrated Edition
by Paul Brunton
A guide to the mysterious, the occult, and the sacred realms of Ancient Egypt
Larson Publications ISBN 0-943914-98-1
    *  82 Original B&W photos taken by Paul Brunton
    * 144 New color photographs
    * 44 Diagrams, drawings, and maps (Karnak, Luxor, Cairo)
    * 7.5" wide x 11.25" high, 303 pp.
    * Fine coated paper
    * Deluxe cloth edition, Normally $110, Special sale $39.96 through Larson Publications

In the fascinating context of exploring the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, the teachings of Islam, the remarkable feats of real magicians, and authentic snake-charmers, PB presents us with indelible lessons in how the body is really within the mind, and how we may directly experience our higher self as free and independent of this mortal world. This beautifully illustrated edition allows you to see what PB saw (sometimes from his own camera!) and literally walk where he walked amongst the streets of Cairo and the ruins of Karnak. This is an essential book for anyone interested in understanding the truth of Ancient Egypt.

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The Gift of Grace
Awakening to Its Presence

by Paul Brunton, compiled by Sam Cohen
Larson Publications, ISBN 1-936012-27-8
$10.95, 144 pp., 5 x 7.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

Hope shines brightly in this selection of gems from Paul Brunton’s writings on Grace.  Once we penetrate this deep teaching, Grace, with its assurance of growing goodness and light, becomes a certainty.  Based on thorough study, scientific inquiry, intuition and inner penetration, PB establishes extraordinary revelations about the infinite reality and divine intelligence that supports, guides and inspires this life.  Grace is a beacon of light that never allows us to go irrevocably astray as we run, walk or crawl our karmic and evolutionary paths.  This small volume presents a taste of PB’s profound work on this subject. 

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Perpetual Calendar: The Wisdom of Paul Brunton Day by Day
Larson Publications, ISBN 1-936012-29-4
$20, 112 pp. cloth, 7” x 6”   

The calendar, also called a “daybook” or “birthday book,” and used to record and remember birthdays and anniversaries year after year, is a handsomely produced 7” by 6” hardcover divided into weeks.  It includes PB quotes beside 52 dazzling photos by Haji Mahmood (Classic Vision Photography), a relatively new student of PB's philosophy, who was actually encouraged to approach the Foundation to initiate such a collaboration by his 86-year-old aunt, who is well-read in and devoted to PB's work.  The calendar is wonderful for both personal use and to give as a gift; it serves as a way for those of us already familiar with PB’s wisdom to apply it to our daily lives as we review the paras selected, and it also serves as a generous way to give the gift of PB’s wisdom to those we love.  And, like all of the publications for sale at our store, the calendar also serves as a fundraiser to further the PB’s vision through the Foundation’s many projects.

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What Is Karma?
by Paul Brunton
A simple guide to the truth about the subtle and powerful Law of Recompense
Larson Publications, ISBN 0-943914-87-6
$10.95, 144 pp., 5 x 7.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

A fresh and positive look at the ‘law of karma’—the spiritual reality that we are all accountable for our actions. This little book sets aside dogma and doctrine and reveals the simple reality of this law—and how we can use it for our own spiritual growth, as well as to help others.  This book is part of our Prison Project; to purchase copies as gifts for prisoners, please contact us at or donate online here. A Spanish translation of this book was done by Pam-Maria Ochoa and can be read here.

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Meditations for People in Crisis
by Paul Brunton
Thoughts to guide us through the chaos within ourselves and in the world
Larson Publications, 0-943914-77-9
Collated from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
by Sam Cohen and Leslie Cohen
$10.95, 112 pp., 4.75 x 7.25
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

Whether we are facing a crisis ourselves, we are called upon to help others in their times of need, or simply when we are overwhelmed by the turmoil of the times in which we live, these paras will provide peace and insight.  PB’s ideas can show us a way forward, or rather inward, into our own still center, a vantage point from which right action and clear insight invariably arises.


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Meditations for People in Charge
by Paul Brunton
Direct reminders of who is really ‘in charge,’ and how to gain guidance from the Overself
Larson Publications, ISBN 0-943914-72-8
$10.95,112 pp., 4.75 x 7.25
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

Whether we are currently ‘in charge’ of our own destiny, of the direction of our family or business, or even of a nation, there comes a moment when we know we need guidance—guidance that will be unerring, constructive, and enduring.  There is only one such guide for us all: the Higher Self, the Overself.  This small book is a collection of PB’s words regarding that guide, how to ask for its presence, and how to respond to its gift of grace.


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The Notebooks: Volume 1 to 16

For a complete set of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, click here.
For more information about each Notebook, go to Publications.

Perspectives: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 1
by Paul Brunton
The “Complete Sampler” of PB’s Notebooks Series, a great travel companion
$19.95, 408 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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This volume contains paras from all 28 categories and every subsection of those categories of The Notebooks.  PB wanted his categories to be studied as a whole and in a specific order.  Reading this book is a simple, singular treat that will open your mind and heart to many new perspectives of the spiritual journey.  Keep one copy in your suitcase and the other by your meditation pillow; this is a true and accurate map of the modern spiritual journey, from its inception in mild curiosity to its realization in the compassionate immersion in Mind Alone.

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The Quest: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 2
by Paul Brunton
Not just for beginners, but for everyone ready to begin in earnest
$22.95, 384 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Covering a range of topics from “What is the Quest?” to the issues surrounding relationships to teachers and the importance of spiritual independence, the information in this volume is central to anyone’s spiritual quest and clearly defines PB’s own approach while honoring the myriad of valid and viable paths available to the earnest seeker.  PB’s reflections provide remarkable insight throughout, but especially on the teacher student relationship and the advantages and difficulties of belonging to any spiritual organization.

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Practices for the Quest /Relax and Retreat: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 3
by Paul Brunton
A balanced look at the both the disciplined and natural phases of the Quest
$18.95, 390 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, Practices for the Quest:  This part incorporates the most relevant practices and disciplines of yoga and other religious traditions as tools that allow us to purify and transform our individuality into a proper receptacle for higher consciousness.  Without these disciplines, error and harm will eventually befall us; with them, we will maintain a grounded relationship to the world and our loved ones even as we seek the inner reality of the Overself.
Part 2, Relax and Retreat:  In contrast to the first half, this category is inspiring and encourages the seeker to do what comes naturally—to relax and become open to the wonders and gifts of Nature and to simply look within when it is easy to do so.  PB discusses various types of retreats and provides many safe exercises (including breath control) to help us relax our bodies and our minds.

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Meditation: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 4, part 1
by Paul Brunton
“Meditation is THE fundamental practice of the Quest.”- Paul Brunton
$15.95, 272 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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PB considered meditation to be such an essential element of the quest that he gave it two categories: this one, and category 23 (in Volume 15).  Here he presents us with all the ingredients essential for a successful entry into the world of meditation.  He tells us what time of day and what environment is best for meditation; how to begin and end a session; and he provides a wide selection of exercises suited for different needs and temperaments.  The sixth chapter includes a wonderful list of mantras and affirmations, all of which we will return to with renewed understanding over the years.

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The Body: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 4, part 2
by Paul Brunton
An essential resource for the don’ts and do’s of bodily existence
$14.95, 160 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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While some passages will strike the beginner as ascetic and perhaps artificial or dated, throughout this category PB is merely recording the necessary modifications of modern physical habits if we are to achieve and maintain any spiritual progress.  For if the vehicle is weak, polluted, distracted or unshaped, the influx of Grace will inevitably exaggerate these tendencies; in contrast, the incorporation of genuinely natural habits will increase our sensitivity to, and pleasure of, the presence of the Overself.  PB’s notes on breathing exercise and kundalini are of particular use to the experienced meditator.

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Emotions and Ethics / The Intellect: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 5
by Paul Brunton
The Conscious Transformation of the Personality, and Spiritualization of the Intellect
$18.95, 432 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, Emotions and Ethics:  Centered around the refinement of the ego into a cultured and noble being, this category outlines the specific virtues we should cultivate alongside our inner work—virtues which will be a direct means of transforming the world around us, even as we seek to improve ourselves.  There are many specific exercises for educating our feeling function, disciplining our desires, and civilizing our relationships with family and fellow students.  While these disciplines are challenging, PB shows us their fruit: the ease and beauty of being a truly good human being.
Part 2, The Intellect:  Generally speaking, questers face one of two challenges: too much intellectuality or too little.  The first group is reluctant to abandon the logic and cleverness commonly associated with western philosophy, while the second is equally reluctant to forsake the emotional environment of mysticism and enter the arid chamber of the mind.  Here PB offers needed remedies and support for both groups—or phases in one’s own progress.  The final chapter, “Intellect, Reality, and the Overself,” shows us how the mind can both illumine and be illumined by the Highest within us.

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The Ego / From Birth to Rebirth: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 6
by Paul Brunton
How to recognize the Ego & reflections on the problem of Fate and Freewill
$18.95, 320 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, The Ego:  This is is a very unique examination of the ego in light of mysticism, metaphysics, mentalism, and the Insight of the Overself—so much so, that PB’s student, Anthony Damiani wrote a book based on this material called Standing in Your Own Way.  PB describes the specific ways in which the ego is the fundamental problem of the quest, even when it appears to be cooperating.  He doesn’t stop there; he uncovers the metaphysical basis for the ego’s existence and concludes with exquisite descriptions of the ego-less state.
Part 2, From Birth to Rebirth:  Since it is the ego that is born and that dies, this category is quite naturally coupled with the preceding one.  This category contains advice on how to prepare for death oneself, as well as how to best help another person before and after they have passed over.  PB continues with a discussion of reincarnation, which leads into the topics of karma, fate, freewill, and even astrology.  He concludes with some early teachings on the World Idea, a topic he will return to in category 26 (volume 16).

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Healing of the Self / The Negatives: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 7
by Paul Brunton
A study of the forces of Good & Evil as they manifest in the body and the world
$16.95, 320 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
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Part 1, The Healing of the Self:  PB spent a great deal of his life exploring and experimenting with all the healing and health-related techniques of the world.  Here he records what he has gleaned from these very personal experiments and researches.  He was keenly aware of the importance of a strong healthy body to facilitate spiritual progress and describes many ways to restore the health when lost, starting with the most scientific, including the occult, and concluding with the spiritual healing power of the Overself itself.
Part 2, The Negatives:  PB returns to his reflections on the ego as the source of a great deal of the negativity in ourselves and in the world.  He teaches us about the special challenges facing those who would go against the ego in themselves and others and how to survive such confrontations—and even how to arrive at a positive outcome!  He also addresses the impact of evil in the world and the quester’s place in responding to it.  This material, while a bit heavy, is absolutely practical, and worth studying, as it will invariably become intimately relevant at some point in our journey.

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Reflections on My Life and Writings: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 8
by Paul Brunton
PB’s reflections on his writings, his life, and those he met along the way

$14.95, 272 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
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PB talks about his own work here.  He critiques his critics and reflects on the inner and outer realms through which his life has taken him.  He describes some of his mystical experiences and reflects on their impact on his life.  He shares his observations and experiences of the worlds in which he traveled and describes his encounters with some of the many teachers and seekers with whom he met over the course of his long and peripatetic life.  What little autobiographical material PB chose to share with the world, (or in private, for that matter), is largely to be found in this volume.  For an additional resource, we recommend the book Paul Brunton: A Personal View written by PB's son, Kenneth Thurston Hurst.

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Human Experience / The Arts in Culture: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 9
by Paul Brunton
The Philosopher’s guide to daily life, and to Beauty
$16.95, 400 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, Human Experience:  Here PB focuses on daily life and how to live it as a part of our spiritual practice.  He talks about how to extract the lessons it offers us, both "in sunshine and in shadow."  He discusses the place of suffering in our lives and in the world and applies the deeper perspective of metaphysics to this aspect of experience by showing us the necessity of the cycle of opposites—of the positive and negative—throughout all life.  He also discusses various phases of life, especially youth and old age, and concludes with his reflections on the fate and future of the world.
Part 2, The Arts in Culture:  Often excluded from the ascetic and the intellectual’s purview of philosophy, PB pauses here to remind us of the simple and nourishing beauties of the world, of the arts, and of culture.  PB writes about the sacred mission of the arts and explores the positive (or negative) impact that art has upon our sensibilities and character—and even the whole social environment in which we live.  While there is much that passes for art that is unhelpful to the mystic’s journey, PB points us towards those geniuses and masters whose works can truly deepen our awareness of the Overself.  There are many beautiful paras here, worthy resources of inspiration in their own right.

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The Orient: Its Legacy to the West: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 10
by Paul Brunton
The interchanges of East and West; the burdens and benefits of various traditions
$14.95, 272 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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While it may seem that the commingling of Eastern wisdom and Western ways is all but complete, PB sheds new light on this living process and bears witness to its multifaceted significance.  PB has both criticism and praise for each hemisphere and clearly demonstrates the ongoing need for a fusion of these paradigms as the only panacea to the problems and opportunities of our times.  There are lots of little gems throughout this book and a veritable treasure-trove of information about the great lights of 20th century India, including Shankaracarya, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo, Ananda Mayee, and Gandhi.  PB also shares with us his experiences and reflections on his travels in China, Japan, Burma, Java, Egypt, Greece, and of course, India.

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The Sensitives: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 11
by Paul Brunton
The phases of inner development, from Occultism to Philosophy
$24.95, 350 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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A subtitle for this book could be: This could save your Life!  PB presents a fully rational and objective evaluation of the esoteric, occult, mystical and magical realms—and those who are drawn to them.  Although there is much to learn from these realms, it is also easy to get lost, distracted, and even seriously harmed by them.  To confuse the occult with the spiritual is to lose the true value of both; PB clearly distinguishes them here, and details the specific ways in which the occult can be used to help—or hinder—our spiritual journey.  This is a very practical guide for any who become—or already are—aware of the grand and sometimes exquisitely inspiring forces at play within our ordinary lives.  Read it carefully, and know that it was written by a man who directly experienced all that he writes about here.

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The Religious Urge / Reverential Life: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 12
by Paul Brunton
The Truth of Religion, and how to integrate its practices within the Quest
$16.95, 384 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, The Religious Urge:  PB tackles the ever-volatile issue of organized religion with his usual thoroughness and objectivity, with particular focus on the relevance (or lack) of religion for the individual quester.  Among the many tons of tomes written on religion, PB’s notes highlight the points we need to appreciate and those we need to eschew with simple clarity and efficiency of language.  He discusses the truth of prophets and messengers, the wisdom and ignorance found in familiar scriptures, the specific shortcomings and contributions of many well-known religions of today and of the past.  He discusses the transition between religion and mysticism and ends with a chapter tantalizingly titled, “Beyond Religion As We Know It.”
Part 2, The Reverential Life
In this category PB provides us with what could be called “a poetry” of paras on prayer, grace, and inner surrender.  He speaks of the greatest Love we can experience: the love of the Overself, and he tells us how to become aware of that Love in our daily lives: through prayer.  It is not enough, he tells us, to meditate; we must also learn to pray with devotion and to have the humility to surrender to the true light within; otherwise our efforts will be stunted when they could flourish, nourished by the deep waters of spiritual grace.  PB closes this section with an extraordinary chapter on Grace where he blends inspiration and wisdom to show us how to prepare for Grace, seek forgiveness, understand its absence, and finally, recognize its miraculous presence in our daily lives.

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Relativity, Philosophy, and Mind: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 13
by Paul Brunton
From Thinking to Thought to Mind
$24.95, 550 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Part 1, The Reign of Relativity:  The five chapters in this section address many of the traditional topics of modern Western philosophy: phenomenology, cosmology, the nature of consciousness, time, causality, and—a more recent addition—emptiness.  However, PB does not exclude the wisdom of the East; he introduces several key ideas from Hinduism and Buddhism here.  From Hinduism he introduces the study of the four states of consciousness—waking, dreaming, sleeping, and the absolute, or "fourth state"—and he brings in the teachings of the Buddha on the transience of the world, and pure emptiness as a necessary metaphysical fact.  Furthermore he manages to do all this without burdening the text (or the reader) with unfamiliar jargon or ritualized logic; he simply asks that we actively enquire into ourselves, our world, and our consciousness, and let reason be our guide.
Part 2, What is Philosophy? 
PB certainly answers his own question here.  In fact, this section contains the heart of PB’s own teachings and life-practice, especially in chapters 3 and 4.  There he outlines the requirements for philosophy, which he regards as demanding a far greater discipline than mystical yoga or metaphysics—he considers the mastery of this essential to its realization.  Throughout PB emphasizes the importance of Balance in all things and demonstrates the subtle power this can have on all aspects of the quest, the quester, and his or her impact on the world.  In chapter 4 PB introduces the unique faculty of the sage: Insight.  He gives us a glimpse of significance and its operation here, while reserving a full explanation of how it works for the final volume of the Notebooks.
Part 3, Mentalism
The title of the last chapter sums up the importance of mentalism nicely: “The Key to the Spiritual World.”  Mentalism is one of several viable epistemologies, or examinations of how (if at all) we might know that we know the truth.  While it is simple to summarize—all we know is mind—it is quite another thing to comprehend and directly experience.  PB first introduced mentalism in The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga, and The Wisdom of the Overself.  Some of these paras were written at that time, but many of them were written much later, when PB’s own spiritual life had reached its zenith, so those who have read these volumes will find fresh insights into this remarkable doctrine, while those who are new to it will find this volume surprisingly accessible.

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Inspiration and the Overself: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 14
by Paul Brunton
Initiation into the Mysterious Presence of the Overself
$14.95, 270 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

This volume is all about what PB calls a Glimpse of the Overself.  This experience begins with the first authentic contact by the Overself, passes through several intermittent phases, and concludes when it has prepared the seeker for permanent illumination.  It is foreshadowed by a strengthened intuition, and PB is careful to describe both its genuine arisal as well as pseudo-illuminations.  He tells us of the Interior Word, of spiritual Light, and of Grace.  PB describes how to prepare for—and even attract—a Glimpse and describes its effect on the ego during and after such an exalted experience, for it must pass away, as must all states that have a beginning.  Even so, PB teaches us how to retain the “glow” of the glimpse, how to avoid any backlash of negativity, and how to prepare for its return.  PB students love this volume.  It is a constant source of uplift and inspiration, even in the darkest times.

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Advanced Contemplation / The Peace within You: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 15
by Paul Brunton
Deepening the Stillness, entering Contemplation
$16.95, 382 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
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Part 1, Advanced Contemplation:  This part is divided into two sections: the first section focuses on the “Short Path” of directing all attention towards the Overself, while the second section contains a collection of advanced meditations.  PB begins with a description of the Short Path and the Dark Night of the Soul, which often presages its onset.  He follows this discussion with guidance on how to balance the “Long Path” of self-development with the newly-introduced Short Path phase of spiritual growth.  Then in the second half, he provides us with a wonderful list of advanced meditations, including the “As If” (one is enlightened) exercise, the Remembrance (of a Glimpse) exercise, the Witness meditation, and several meditations to practice while falling asleep.  These practices are profound, simple, and can take a lifetime to master; however, if one is sincere and intense, these practices can bring about changes in one’s inner life practically from the first day they are undertaken.  The final chapter contains truly advanced meditations on the Void, meditations that become viable—and necessary—for those who have experienced a Glimpse; this is very rare and rarified material, instructive to some while inspiring for us all.
Part 2, The Peace within You:
This is largely a continuation of the topic introduced in Part 1—the Short Path.  PB has written this material for those moments when the ‘work’ of trying to do what the Short Path asks—surrendering our attention to the Overself—becomes a reality.  In that moment we are filled with Peace, but that peace does not annihilate the ego, which will find several subtle ways to dissipate this wonderful state.  So PB tells us how to navigate daily life without having to lose that peace, how to confront problems, and how to train our feelings to be ever attuned to that inner joy.   As the Short Path becomes integrated into our consciousness, we will become more aligned with the Overself, which produces an inner state PB calls “the Witness;” and thereafter we will be drawn evermore into the Deeper Stillness of the Overself itself, no longer aware of its sacred presence, but at last ready to see “face to face.”

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Enlightened Mind, Divine Mind: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 16

by Paul Brunton
The Sage, The Infinite World-Mind, and the Absolute
$19.95, 480 pp., 5.75 x 8.5
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Part 1, World-Mind in Individual Mind: While all the parts of this volume are short, their profundity more than makes up for their brevity.  Here we find PB describing the Sage, and the Sage’s relationship with the World Mind, or God.  He makes it clear that while there is an interchange, there is never a complete merger or dissolution of the individual—and he explains why.  He goes on to describe the degrees of enlightenment, culminating in the realization called sahaja, which generates the capacity in the sage to be simultaneously present in the Absolute and in appearance.  After describing the qualities—and imperfections—of the sage, PB concludes this topic with guidance on how to seek the sage, how to recognize a sage, how to interact with the sage, and how to participate in a relationship with a sage, should one become blessed by such an extraordinary opportunity.
Part 2, World-Idea: 
Several themes addressed in volume 13 are re-visited here, now literally illuminated by the vision of the sage.  PB speaks of the Divine order of the Universe, the ‘why’ of creation—and the ‘why (or why-not)’ of the suffering and struggles of the world.  PB deepens our understanding of change, introducing the different modalities of polarity, complementarity, and duality.  In contrast to this world of change stands the Idea of “Man,” of human perfection, an ever-evolving ever deepening essence that can unite the individual with the World-Mind, but cannot dissolve the one into the other.  An understanding of the Idea of humankind as it is eternally evolving within the World-Mind is fundamental to understanding the true goal of spiritual life, and that in turn will guide our footsteps towards those practices and teachings most aligned with the True, the Mysterious, and the Real.
Part 3, World-Mind: 
In three brief chapters PB writes down what little can be put into words regarding this August, Sacred Creative Mind.  He lifts his own gaze upwards from the World-Idea and the perfection of humankind to the eternally dynamic progenitor, conascent with the World-Idea and cooperative with the Sage.  PB then considers the various religious and natural views of God, and how they reveal or conceal aspects of the Infinitely Sacred.  He does what he can to articulate the attributes, characteristics and powers of the World-Mind, while explaining the ontological necessity that It remain essentially unknown to humankind.  The closing chapter differentiates World-Mind from Mind Absolute—the final topic of this final volume in PB’s magnum opus.
Part 4, The Alone:
Here at last is PB’s wisdom regarding the Absolute Itself.  Even in life PB was reluctant to voice much about the World-Mind or Mind, not out of cleverness or intellectual incapacity, but out of sheer, intimate reverence.  Where many others boldly go, guided only by their speculation, PB humbly approaches, illumined by the impersonal consciousness within.  The first of the two chapters in this part addresses the various ways in which the Real can be described: as Mind, as Alone, as Absolute, as Void, as Consciousness.  The second chapter contains PB’s reflections on our inability—and our ability—to comprehend and describe Reality, how it can be symbolized, and, amazingly, how our own Overself contemplates It.  Then this section, part, volume, and indeed the Notebooks themselves, all conclude with PB’s meditations on Mind, and the Silence which must follow.

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