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The Inner Reality / aka Discover Yourself (original USA title)

In an interview on England’s BBC, Christopher Reeve was asked the question, “If you were stranded on a desert island what is the one book you would like to have with you?” He replied, “Discover Yourself by the philosopher Paul Brunton.” It was later, at the request of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation, that Reeve recorded excerpts from Paul Brunton’s Discover Yourself (The Inner Reality in the U.K.), as well as another book by Brunton, The Secret Path.

“Its chief asset is a profound simplicity which leads you all the while nearer to a more complete understanding of man and the universe….There is not a dull page and hardly a paragraph that does not sparkle with some gem of truth.”—Two Worlds

“Withdrawal from the world is entirely an inner process, when you understand the truth. It is something deep within your heart, says Mr. Brunton in his book, The Inner Reality. Mr. Brunton is well known as the leading writer on Yoga and for his knowledge of Eastern philosophy.”— Public Opinion [London]

“An uncommonly interesting volume by one of the leading exponents of the Yoga Philosophy to the Western world. The author gives an entirely new interpretation of the Seven Beatitudes, and a most illuminating exposition of the life of Jesus during the years between childhood and maturity. Christ, he declares, left his parents’ home under intuitive guidance and went to Egypt where he studied and imbibed much new knowledge. By the time he was 18, he abandoned manual labor altogether and entered one of the Egyptian Mystic Schools. Later, so the author goes on, he joined a Mystics Community in Alexandria, and it was in this city that he met and had converse with an Indian trader who expounded to him something of the philosophy of India. Christ embarked at the first opportunity for India. In that country, he studied keenly and traveled much, ultimately journeying to the mountain wilderness of the Himalayas where he remained till his training in yoga was complete and he had been initiated into the highest esoteric doctrine.”— Johannesburg Sunday Times

“A practical understandable aid to bring out the best of one’s innate abilities, is the theme of Discover Yourself, by Paul Brunton. It is pure self-knowledge, the cure for most human problems—economic, social, physical, emotional, and sexual. Brunton does not profess to teach—he shows.”— Houston Post

“…a philosophy of life that combines the essence of Christ’s teachings with the truths of Yoga and other oriental philosophies. Primarily it is a book on Yoga; and as such, it goes into a detailed discussion of the ways and means of meditation. And like a book on Yoga, it also seeks to indicate the nature of the higher, the inner, that is to say, the divine reality.” —The Modern Review [Calcutta]

“The inquiring Western mind will appreciate the clear exposition of the chapters on ‘Practical Help in Yoga’ and ‘Pyscho-spiritual Analysis.’ The discussion of ‘Errors of the Spiritual Seeker’ is also valuable.”—Cambridge Daily News [UK]

“His exposition is commended by simplicity and clarity of expression, and he does not gloss over the fundamental differences between the Eastern and Western religious concepts.”—Edinburgh Evening News [Scotland]

“Paul Brunton has just published his latest and most important book, a work that is the culmination of years of study, research, and meditation. Paul Brunton has been able successfully to link the meditation of the East with the action of the West, and to present the resultant great and eternal Truths, shorn of their cloak of mysticism until they stand out clearly and practically awaiting application in the daily life. The wonder of the fact that a man, wise with the combined knowledge of the East and West, a man who is obviously a seer and yet who can speak to the uninitiated and kindle in him the divine spark that is only awaiting the necessary fuel to blaze into Light, can thus appeal to the layman and disciple alike, is not a wonder when we realize that Self-knowledge leads to All-knowledge, and through understanding are all things made possible.”—The Inner Life [Akron, Ohio]

“This is in some ways the most helpful and practical of the books of this popular writer of mysticism. Brunton’s presentation of his methods is clear and reasonable. His interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel of St. John is greatly inspired and very helpful.”— The Knoxville News-Sentinel [Tennessee]

“The best of this book is contained in a well-set-out explanation of the purpose, value and method of meditation, which is not treated in the usual analytic manner, but seeks to bring the reader to the synthesized point of understanding where meditation is allied to silence.”— Buddhism in England [London]

“Discover Yourself is probably Mr. Brunton’s most personal and practical book. It is a helpful, passionately sincere attempt to get at the sources of strength within and without the individual, and to enable him to draw directly upon the power the Western mind calls ‘God.’”—Argonaut [California]

“This is Mr. Brunton’s most helpful and comprehensive book on the spiritual path.”—Inner Culture [Los Angeles]


“This book is richly laden with precious advice for those who wish to face life intelligently. If more men accepted the wise counsel to be found in it, vast and significant changes would take place in the world.”—Biosophical Review [New York]

“It is with particular gratification that we recommend this book in which the author with genuineness and simplicity presents the subject of self-discovery stripped of the too frequent panoply of sensationalism, dangerous practices and superficial glamor.”—American Theosophist

“Many will find his exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, the Gospel of St. John, and the Gita strikingly suggestive. His chapter on asceticism reveals balance of judgment, and his instruction on meditation and yoga will be of help…”—The Inquirer [London]

“Paul Brunton, who has taken upon himself the task of explaining yoga philosophy to the West, has produced The Inner Reality which is a further step on the path to a deeper revelation of the true meaning of yoga.”—Illustrated Weekly of India [Bombay]

“In the welter of books today—religious, philosophical, scientific, political—among the few that bear the authentic stamp of spiritual discernment are those of Paul Brunton. In comparison with certain writers, Mr. Brunton shows this practical bearing of yoga on world affairs”—The Occult Review [London]

The Inner Realty is one of those delightful books….Its chief asset is a profound simplicity, which leads you all the while nearer to a more complete understand of man and the universe. Here is a bridge from East to West; a linking-up of all that is best in the ancient religions of India with all that is finest in the lost meaning of Christianity. There is not a dull page and hardly a paragraph that does not sparkle with some gem of truth. ‘The final lesson is that Divinity is everywhere. God is to be found everywhere, and God is good.’ How much the modern world needs those words. when hatred and fear and suspicion are poisoning the minds and corrupting the hearts of men.”—The Two Worlds [Manchester, England]

“…a book of really penetrating spiritual insight…Brunton has made a deep and serious study of religious life in the East; and he has done more in this generation to convince the Western world of the truth and value of so much in Eastern thought. He has already convinced the West that the Yoga philosophy repays profound study; and here he does much to explain and show the value of those Eastern practices…that are too often a stumbling-block to our Western mentality.”—John O’Londons Weekly [London]

Discover Yourself…is even more intriguing in its deep, true understanding of life. One chapter, ‘A Sane Religion,’ should be read by every man and woman seeking to know God. But it, like all of Brunton’s writings, requires minds of strong character to be able to take the plain and unvarnished truth of the matter….in “Errors of the Spiritual Seeker,’ he goes directly to the seat of much of man’s unhappiness—within the man, showing him how he himself can work to eradicate this from his life.”—Telepathic Magazine [USA]

“Rather astounding doctrine this to come from one wholly sold on the idea of Yoga. Astounding in that it may point the way to actuality of what must be done by Westerner and Oriental to reach the greatest fulfillment of life at its best. A mingling of the mystical and material is what Paul Brunton pleads for….No book can assist more in this search than Mr. Brunton’s Discover Yourself.”—Sutton Place Magazine [New York City]

Amazon reader reviews for The Inner Reality/Discover Yourself:

“I read a great deal. This book is a MASTERPIECE! If I was stranded on an island, it would be the one I would want. I cannot say enough about it other than get it! It will make a world of difference in your life and help you to understand yourself. If you are tired of living in conflict with yourself, this book has your name on it! Paul Brunton writes with brilliance and he has become one of my favorite authors.”

“Lucid and authoritative exposition of inner Reality by an enlightened mystic—sure to explode the Real in our Being’s rhythm. A ‘must’ for lovers of wisdom.”

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