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Review by Jacqueline Longstaff, author of The Cosmic Airport and The Last Waltz,
Instructions for Spiritual Living is another wonderful book from Paul Brunton. I found the chapter on “Self Reliance or Discipleship” especially refreshing and deeply grounded in wisdom. I read it aloud to some of my students. Mature seekers need mature advice and Paul Brunton provides this. I have often said one needs to be quite mature spiritually in order to use a true spiritual teacher or master wisely.”

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff spends several months of the year at Singing Heart Ashram, in South India, near the sacred hill, Arunachala where Ramana Maharshi lived.

Review by Stephen D’Amico, Author of Heaven On Earth and The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness,

 “A truly comprehensive and authoritative work that should be read by sincere seekers and advanced adepts alike. PB’s work demonstrates a real mastery of the intricacies of spiritual life. His sagely conclusions on a number of key topics rarely covered elsewhere in spiritual literature provide an important contribution to our contemporary understanding of awakening and enlightenment. This kind of knowledge is indispensable for the modern seeker because it provides a clear picture of not only what to expect when going through the process of dis-identifying with form and becoming one with the formless, but also how to properly integrate this profound transformation of consciousness into an ordinary human life. We are very fortunate that his writings are available.”

Review by Dana Sawyer, author of Aldous Huxley, a Biography, and the authorized biography: Huston Smith, Wisdomkeeper

“The first word that comes to mind is “wonderful” and the second is “useful.” The book is really like a Swiss Army knife of tools for advanced spiritual growth. Moreover, it was readable, offering complex insights in simple language, and permeated with the voice of genuine noetic apprehension.”

Dana Sawyer is a Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy, Maine College of Art.

Review by Swami Dyhan Giten, author of The Language of Silence,

“I read Paul Brunton’s books for the first time when I was 15 years old, and life had guided me to my first spiritual ashram. Paul Brunton’s books present a rich source of spiritual wisdom. Paul Brunton’s book Instructions for Spiritual Living is an excellent and comprehensive guide for the spiritual seeker. In the book Paul Brunton covers many topics, for example the adventure of meditation, the soul, emotions, surrender of the ego and grace, which is valuable for the spiritual seeker on the path to spiritual living.”

Review by James Parker,

“The book is utterly brilliant. It is one of the best I have read, so direct and to the point.”

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