The PBPF wishes to acknowledge and with deep appreciation thank primary individuals who have volunteered countless hours to bring this website to fruition.  Namely, Timothy Smith, co-editor of the Notebooks, and Board member who has devoted innumerable research and writing hours to lay the foundation for the website; Kira Lallas, who scanned photos and assisted Tim; the numerous individuals who contributed articles and information; and Beverly Bennett, Columbus, Ohio, who coordinated work by the Board of Director’s Review Committee.  A very special thanks is extended to the many donors, whose financial support enabled us to hire the following Professional Website Designers to finally launch the site:

Eleanor Holden
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Our original site went online in early 1996 and until recently, we have only been able to add minor amounts of content.  To bring the site up to date and to make it more user-friendly, we have recently been able to implement following changes:
• A newly designed site and architecture
• Links to online, searchable, and interactive complete volumes of Perspectives (overview selection from the 28 categories) and The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
• More information on our projects
• New content about our history
A complete list of PB's publications
Reviews of PB's work
• New quotes from and about PB
• The ability to purchase our publications and to easily donate online.
A new logo

Future Features: *

About PB Section:

Complete Course: During his life, PB answered many letters and met with many people who had numerous questions about his work and their personal spiritual paths.  Since he is no longer here to answer these questions directly, we would like to develop a Complete Course available online or for download that would help site visitors wend their way through PB's materials.


  • Audio & Video: An enhanced feature we want to start developing for the site is the addition of multimedia components such as audio and video clips of interviews with people who were students of or who knew PB and Anthony Damiani.  Time is running out for the chance to gather this type of firsthand insight, so we need to act soon on this.
  • Flash: We also want to develop short documentary types of Flash movies to be presented on the site that will be illuminating presentations about PB and his work.  And too, we hope that developing engaging, interactive movies about how to use PB's publications will help stimulate interest in PB's work.
  • Quotes: We plan to add much more philosophic material here, not only from PB’s unpublished work,  but from his teachers and associates. We also want to encourage submissions from our viewers. 


Our plan is to develop this section into a more comprehensive and interactive area that the user can explore in order to gain information about the journey down each of these unique paths.

PB's Practice: PB outlines the spiritual journey as having five distinct phases:

Notebooks & Ideas Section:

This is an area that we continue to develop into the most comprehensive online source for studying and accessing PB's works.  This section presents the complete collection of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton and includes samples of PB’s unpublished material.  As time and funding allow, we hope to expand this section considerably.

As you can see, in order to achieve these goals in a timely manner, there is a great deal of work ahead.  These projects can’t possibly be undertaken without a serious infusion of funds or without the dedicated efforts of numerous volunteers.

TO DONATE: If you would be interested in fully funding or donating a large portion of funds toward this project, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss our plans in further detail with you.