Two Paul Brunton YouTube Channels

The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation has created a YouTube channel that will feature excerpts from Brunton's books and material from the extensive Archives of Paul Brunton (

You can use this link: Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation - YouTube or when you open, search for Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation to locate our channel.

Our initial offering is three videos produced by board member Louis Damiani and highlights major moments in PB's first trip to India:

Paul Brunton's Travels in India:

Part 1: Meeting Sri Shankaracharya
Part 2: Ramana Maharshi (PB's first meeting)
Part 3: Ramana Maharshi (PB's mystic experiences)


Paul Brunton Official is a tri-lingual YouTube channel in Portuguese, Spanish, and English that features many videos about the life and teachings of PB. It was initiated by Micha-El (Alan) & Gran (Beatriz) Berkowitz to especially serve the growing interest in South America for the philosophy of Paul Brunton. Micha-El was a former chairman of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.


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