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Martha Cohen, our former, very-dedicated Foundation president, asked Board members to share something about how we apply the philosophic principles found in PB’s writings to our lives. As I reflect on the central ideas conveyed in PB many books, I return again and again to appreciate the clarity of his expression and the bedrock of truth that shines through his words. I trust PB.

At the same time, I appreciate his exposition of the independent path, and his emphasis on the importance of the relationship that each one of us has with our Overself and the individual expression that each of us gives to the World-Mind’s ideation. He unflaggingly directs us to our own inner, loving, authority. After all, who or what in our life can better know what we need, and guide us to fulfill our purpose, than our own inner being?

Many of us on the Board have had the benefit of a broad exposure to the ancient teachings of the East and West. Especially under the guidance of PB’s student Anthony Damiani ,who selflessly shared his passion for understanding life, were we led through the ideas found in the best of this world’s perennial philosophies. I have benefitted immeasurably from deep immersion in Tibetan Buddhism and the Greeks, in Advaita and non-dualism.

For me as for many others, however, it is PB’s presentation of the perennial philosophy that provided the framework that gave clear perspective to other doctrines of Truth. For example, PB’s presentation of mentalism in The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yogaand in The Wisdom of the Overselfremains to this day the best explanation of how the appearance of division and separation is held and resolved within the one Mind. Most ancient paths present the Unity, but how I can move from my little corner of experience to the One is nowhere better laid out than in PB!

In this age, we have more access to information than ever before and to a variety of spiritual approaches too innumerable to mention, let alone to pursue. What has become more and more compelling for me is the importance of opening to the intuitive guidance ever available from the Overself. It is in PB’s writings that we can learn most about the importance of intuition and grace, the father and mother of our spiritual longing and fulfillment. It is PB who best personalized the path for me. He writes as a caring sage always pointing me to the essential ingredients of a meaningful life and opening me to the ever-widening possibility to serve in the grand scheme of things.

What brings me to my knees is appreciation for what PB has accomplished and offered to us all through his writings. What strikes me to tearful silence is the question, “What would this life have been without PB?”