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Category 25, World Mind in Individual Mind, focuses on the existence of the Godlike within the human heart and affirms its knowability. The Overself exists within individual mind as “a faculty subtler than the senses, more penetrative than the intellect, that will bring the Real into range of his (the human) perception.” (25.1.114)

Terms such as unity, enlightenment, and non-duality are defined in context in this section, and effort is made to dispel confusion about the Real, and human reactions to and interpretations of it. The commentary on teaching masters and discipleship reflects years of broad research, world travel and personal experience on the part of the author.

The longest sections, “The Sage” and “The Sage’s Service,” communicate deep caring for humanity on the part of the attained individual, and the hope he shares for realization of the highest ideals. Brunton’s position is that philosophy uses the enlightened person, the highest point of human existence, as “an ideal for effectual admiration and reverent analysis.” (25.3.6)