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The Notebooks of Paul Brunton:: Volume 16

Part 2: World Idea, Section 4, TRUE IDEA OF MAN

“What is man? This is the most important question which has ever been put before the mind .(p. 58) Category 26. Chapter 4. para 1

“The idea of man which exists in and is eternally known by the World Mind is a master-idea.” (P) 26.4.2

“When we can learn what the true worth of man is and wherein lies his real salvation, we shall learn the most practical of all things. For this, more than anything else, will show us how to live on earth peacefully, prosperously, healthily, and usefully.” 26.4.3

“If man does not know what he is in the very essence of his human beingness, he does not really know what he is talking about.” 26.4.4

“Scientific concepts of the nature of man which leave out the intuitive and spiritual element in it as existing independently and in its own level, will always remain inadequate to explain man, however brilliant they themselves admittedly often are.” 26.4.5

“If man’s life were nothing more than a physiochemical process, then man’s highest aspirations and intuitions, unselfishness and aestheticism would still need an explanation.” 26.4.6

P = Perspectives, also titled “Volume 1”

Compiled by PBPF Board member Barbara P.