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Even a partial awareness of what it means to be a human—as above an animal—capable of thinking abstractly, conscious of the vastness of the universe and the littleness of the ego, asking the age-old questions about meaning and purpose in life, sometimes getting a glimpse of a few words of the answer through religion, art, Nature, mysticism, joy, suffering, or intelligence, even this is enough to make a person wonder what follows in development after us, higher than ourselves, if not here then perhaps on other planets or in a fourth dimension.

Such beings must already exist somewhere. Are they gods of ancient fable and myth, disfigured or miscomprehended in human narratives by the passing of time? Were they visitors who helped infant humanity reach its teens and then left it, withdrew, except for rare appearances as avatars, angels, or lawgivers? [26.4.239] 
 [category 26, chapter 4, para 239]

When we come to our real senses, we will recognize that we have only one problem:
“How can I come into awareness of, and oneness with, my true being?” For it is to lead us to this final question that other questions and problems have staged the road of our whole life. This answered, the way to answer all the other [questions] which beset us, be they physical or financial, intellectual or familiar, will open up. Hence Jesus’ statements:

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you,” and

“To them that hath [enlightenment] shall be given [what they personally need.]” [1.1.130]

Prepared by Barbara P., PBPF Board member