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From Volume 2, Chapter 1, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

The quest is the most important adventure in human experience.  Category 1. Chap 1. para 77

The meaning and end of all such work is to arouse men to see certain truths: that the intuitive element is tremendously more important than the intellectual yet just as cultivable if pursued through meditation, that the mystical experience is the most valuable of all experience, and that the quest of the Overself is the most worthwhile endeavour open to human exertions.  1.1.80

If there is anything worth studying by a human being, after the necessary preliminary studies of how to exist and survive in this world healthily and wisely, it is the study of man’s own consciousness–not a cataloguing of the numerous thoughts that play within it, but a deep investigation of its nature in itself, its own unadulterated pure self.   1.1.81

PB  Notebooks, Volume 2, Chapter 1, paras 77, 80, 81

Prepared by Barbara P., PBPF Board Member