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Realizing Soul: From Intuition to an Inspired Life

By Paul Brunton

The following E-Teaching is extracted from the special compilation of PB quotes freely offered daily (now in nineteen languages!) at The Swedish “Friends of Paul Brunton” administers this service. Robert Larson, a long-time student of PB teachings and publisher of PB in Sweden, selected and arranged the teachings for Realizing Soul from the four years of translated daily quotes. We are grateful for his long service to the philosophic ideal through his selfless sharing of PB’s wisdom teachings. Here are a few quotes to contemplate (original The Notebooks of Paul Brunton reference category, chapter, and selection follow each quote if you want to read more on any of these topics here:

The spiritual self, the Overself, has never been lost. What has happened is that its being has not been recognized, covered over as it is with a multitude of thoughts, desires, and egocentricities. (22-3-1)

…That which he has been seeking so ardently has been within himself all the time. For there at the core of his being, hidden away underneath all the weakness, passion, pettiness, fear, and ignorance, dwells light, love, peace, and truth. The windows of his heart open on eternity, only he has kept them closed! He is as near the sacred spirit of God as he ever shall be, but he must open his eyes to see it. Man’s divine estate is there deep within himself. But he must claim it. (22-3-3)

Intuition is the voice which is constantly calling him to this higher state. But if he seldom or never pauses amid the press of activity to listen for it, he fails to benefit by it. (22-1-159)

We blunder in life and make endless mistakes because we have no time to listen for the Overself’s voice-Intuition. (22-1-125)

The promptings that come from this inner being are so faintly heard at first, however strong on their own plane, that we tend to disregard them as trivial. This is the tragedy of man. The voices that so often mislead him into pain-bringing courses–his passion, his ego, and blind intellect–are loud and clamant. The whisper that guides him aright and to God is timid and soft. (22-1-201)

It is worthwhile giving all his attention to any feelings which he may meet unexpectedly within himself and which show an unusual relaxation, a release from tenseness, a freedom from care. They are to be caught on the wing, not allowed to escape and pass away. They are to be nurtured, cherished, and developed. They may be silent voices from the higher self, drawing his attention to its own existence. (3-3-65)

What is more private, more intimate, than intuition? It is the only means they possess wherefrom to start to get mystical experience, glimpses, true enlightenment. Yet they insist on seeking among those who stand outside them, among the teachers, for that which must be searched after and felt inside themselves. (22-1-285)

The discovery of its presence makes possible a form of communication between person and Overself which is passive, not active. That is, he is directed guided or corrected in and through his human faculties, intuitively. The person acts, does, thinks, speaks, and decides as if he were doing so completely alone. But he is not: he is responding to the Overself, to the effects of its presence, now unhindered by his ego. (22-1-8)

He feels the Presence of something higher than himself, wise, noble, beautiful, and worthy of all reverence. Yet it is really himself–the best part come at last into unfoldment and expression. (22-0-2)

Is he fully open to intuitive feelings that originate in his deeper being, his sacred self? Or does his ego get in the way by its rigidities, habits, and tendencies? The importance of these feelings is that they are threadlike clues which need following up, for they can lead him to a blessed renewal or revelation. (22-1-169)

The teacher Mooji says of Realizing Soul: “[Paul Brunton’s] observations, spiritual insights, and pointings reveal a laser-sharp eye that directs us back to that which is obvious within ourselves, though obviously overlooked-the Divine Self.”

Realizing Soul has been published by Larson Publications USA ( and sells for $14.95. You can read more about it on the PBPF website