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Paul Brunton: A Personal View
by Kenneth Thurston Hurst
A short biography by Paul Brunton's son
$14.95, 320 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, 37 photos
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

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Kenneth recounts his father’s life from his own perspective, from his earliest childhood memories, and his first recognition of his father’s remarkable stature. Kenneth humbly presents himself as a lifelong student of PB as well as his devoted son; he makes no claims to be his heir or to have the complete story—he simply tells us what he knows and what he experienced.  He openly shares with us his dreams and visions, his correspondence and conversations with PB, many of which give us insight into PB’s character and the impact of his presence.  This anecdotal volume is informative, charming, and a natural companion to the Notebooks, particularly to Volume 8, where PB records his own reflections about his life.

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Commentaries of Rajasevasakta V. Subramanya Iyer Vols. 1 & 2
Paul Brunton, editor
Mark Scorelle, compiler & editor
Volume 1, 673 pp., $5.00
Volume 2, 600 pp., $5.00
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Commentaries of Rajasevasakta V. Subramanya Iyer on Advaita Vedanta philosophy and Hindu Religion. These texts are verbatim notes taken of lectures and talks given by V.S. Iyer in the late 30's and early 40's. Iyer was a key figure behind the scenes at the Ramakrishna Mission during a period when they were preparing publications and sending missionary swamis to the West. He was a proponent of the philosophical interpretation called 'mentalism' and was a key teacher for Swami Nikhilananda [New York] and Swami Siddheswarananda [France]. These writings are from the Paul Brunton archive (part of the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation archive).

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Advaita: The Truth of Non-Duality
by V. Subrahmanya Iyer
Andre Van Den Brink, compiler
Mark Scorelle, editor
From the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation archive
106 pp. ISBN 9780982525548
Available on Amazon $12.50 paperback

This compilation contains a selection of excellent material from the complete Iyer teachings listed above.

"The nature of truth is to be free from contradictions. We approach nearer and nearer truth as we find less and less contradictions. The only thing which is so free is non-duality...This may be achieved at first, as the Upanishads say, in lightning flashes, in fleeting momentary glimpses, but later this must be established into permanency. You should stabilize them through self-recollectedness to be done throughout the day, and through the constant reminder that the world is not separate from yourself. It is not enough to grasp the intellectual truth of non-duality'...'As the man of realization knows the world to be an idea, a mental construct, the sense of unification and love to all mankind is simultaneously its materialization, for he knows no difference between idea and matter. Hence too he wishes all beings to be happy, loves even his enemy, wishes him no harm, for he knows the truth of universal self-identification. Thus to the extent a man realizes the truth, he can do good and no more'...'Any kind of difference means contradiction. Nothing whatsoever other than the Atman exists. If you think there is another entity, whether man or God, there is no truth. This is the teaching since time immemorial of those who have inquired into truth." - V. Subrahmanya Iyer

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Plotinus: The Enneads
An unabridged, definitive edition of the classic Stephen MacKenna translation
by MacKenna/Paige with Guthrie, Taylor, Armstrong
Religion / Spirituality / Philosophy
$75.00, 768 pp., 6 x 9, cloth
eBook also available from major online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

“This truly great book is the source of much that is most precious in the whole Western spiritual tradition.” —Jacob Needleman
“MacKenna's translation of The Enneads continues to capture the 'voice' of Plotinus as no other English version does.” —Huston Smith
“For the rapture of its wild genius, MacKenna's Plotinus is the most inspiring and instructive single volume in my library . . . a source of the deepest ideas the mind can think, it is also a bible of beauty.” —James Hillman

This book is simply the most exalted translation of one of the finest products of the human mind. Our edition makes it truly “the thinking person's Plotinus” as well: Endnotes compare MacKenna's original translation with hundreds of debatable revisions made by editors in editions published after his death, and show how other major translators (A.H. Armstrong, K.S. Guthrie, Thomas Taylor) handle these same passages.
Bonus: a detailed appendix from Anthony Damiani's groundbreaking work with The Enneads.

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