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Through the years, Paul Brunton’s writings have received many favorable reviews from a wide variety of sources, dating back to newspapers and journal reviews written in the 1930s and as recently as today!  As time and opportunity allow, we will be adding both original and modern reviews to this section.  Follow the links below to the longer reviews; the books are listed in order of publication—with the exception of the Notebooks, which come first.  We welcome ‘readers reviews,’ so if you would like to review any of the books, please contact


“Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of a future humanity.”
  —Jean Houston

“Paul Brunton's Notebooks are a veritable treasure-trove of philosophic-spiritual wisdom.”
  —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“I couldn’t say it any better than PB has put it in these Notebooks.”
  —His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Chanderasekarendra Saraswati, the Shankara of Kanchipuram

“The meticulousness of his reading and interviewing, as well as his personal, inward application of that knowledge, reveals a genius for balance.
  —San Francisco Chronicle

“...sensible and compelling.  His work can stand beside that of such East-West bridges as Merton, Huxley, Suzuki, Watts, and Radhakrishnan... It should appeal to anyone concerned personally and academically with issues of spirituality.”

“Any serious man or woman in search of spiritual ideas will find a surprising challenge and an authentic source of inspiration and intellectual nourishment in the writings of Paul Brunton.”
  —Jacob Needleman

“Vigorous, clear-minded and independent... a synthesis of Eastern mysticism and Western rationality... A rich volume.” (volume 1, Perspectives)
  —Library Journal

“With the possible exception of Alan Watts, Dr. Paul Brunton has probably been the most influential exponent of Eastern philosophy and systems of self-realization in this century... significant commentaries on nearly every conceivable aspect of the spiritual quest... unreservedly recommended as the final, eloquent summing up by one of the West's most perceptive thinkers and deepest students of the Ancient Wisdom.”
  —The American Theosophist

“His work should therefore help readers assess the present deluge of books in New Age philosophy... the work as a whole is a rich vein of wisdom to be mined by the interested and the spiritually concerned.”
  —Library Journal (on volume 11)

“A simple, straightforward guide to how philosophical insights of the East and West can help to create beauty, joy, and meaning in our lives... His keynote is balance, and his uplifting message encompasses all phases of human experience.”
  —East West Journal

“ ...a great gift to us Westerners who are seeking the spiritual.”
  —Charles T. Tart

“With each succeeding volume of these remarkable Notebooks, we are more and more impressed with the extent of Brunton's wisdom... particularly important for everyone who is engaged in meditation, 'New Age' thinking... Very highly recommended.”
  —Millard Nachtwey, (Spiritual Studies Center)

“It is to the likes of Brunton, Vivekananda, and A.E. Burt that I bow in gratitude for early initiations.”
  —Stephen Levine

“The notebooks of Paul Brunton represent the acme of wisdom on the nature of human spirituality.  Every serious student of this subject will profit enormously by becoming acquainted with Brunton's seminal work.”
  —Kenneth Ring

“A person of rare intelligence... thoroughly alive, and whole in the most significant, 'holy' sense of the word.”
  —Yoga Journal

“...attuned to today's holistic health movement... Healing of the self is the guiding principle behind these writings.”
  —Publishers Weekly

“This is a work (vol. 13) both brilliant and profound.  For the student of mysticism, metaphysics and/or spiritual disciplines, there are enough important ideas and gems of wisdom to provide food for thought for at least one lifetime.
  —Robert Masters, Ph.D., The Foundation of Mind Research

“Mr. Brunton's writings are most sensitive, deep, and original.  One has to admire his most positive attitude toward life, nature, beauty, and his respect for both cultures, east and west, their ways of life, religions, arts, and search for truth and goodness.  A very inspirational reading.”
  —Karel Husa, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer

“Nowhere else will you find such a profound synthesis of East-West philosophic mysticism stripped of all the usual obscurity and extravagances.  Both the modern intellect and the weary heart will find unlimited inspiration, wisdom, and guidance for action in these notebooks.”
   —Victor Mansfield, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Colgate University

“Paul Brunton was surely one of the finest mystical flowers to grow on the wasteland of our secular civilization.  What he has to say is important to us all.”
  —Georg Feuerstein

1 The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
   Review of Volume 9: Human Experience and The Arts in Culture, by Paul Cash
   More reviews of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

2 A Search in Secret India 1934 
   Book Review in Hinduism Today
   Review by Sanjay Sivadas
   More reviews of A Search in Secret India

3 The Secret Path 1935
   Reviews of The Secret Path

4 A Search in Secret Egypt 1936 (Re-issued in a deluxe edition in 2007, and paperback edition in 2015)
    “A Night Inside the Great Pyramid” is an excerpt posted on the publishers' website.
    GOODREADS.COM Book Review
    The Washington Post, June 7, 1936
    Book Review By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
    Review by Sanjay Sivadas
   More reviews of A Search in Secret Egypt

5 A Message from Arunachala 1936
   Reviews of A Message from Arunachala

6 A Hermit in the Himalayas 1936
   Reviews of A Hermit in the Himalayas

7 The Quest of the Overself 1937
   Reviews of The Quest of the Overself

8 Indian Philosophy and Modern Culture 1939
   Reviews of Indian Philosophy and Modern Culture

9 The Inner Reality / aka Discover Yourself 1939
    “What Is God?” is an excerpt posted on the publishers' website.
   Reviews of The Inner Reality

10 The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga 1941 (new edition 2015)
    Who Am I? is an excerpt posted on the publishers' website.
    What Is a Fact? is an excerpt published in The Mindful Word.
    Review published in Mountain Path.
   More reviews of The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga

11 The Wisdom of the Overself 1943 (new edition 2015)
    Here is an excerpt on karma posted on the publishers' website.
    Review published in Mountain Path.
   Reviews of The Wisdom of the Overself

12 The Spiritual Crisis of Man 1952 (eBook titled: Humanity's Spiritual Crisis)
   Reviews of The Spiritual Crisis of Man

13 Essays on the Quest (Paperback) 1985
   Reviews of Essays on the Quest

14 Paul Brunton: A Personal View by Kenneth Thurston Hurst 1989
   Reviews of Paul Brunton: A Personal View

15 Paul Brunton: Essential Readings (Paperback) ~ Joscelyn Godwin (ed.) 1990
   Reviews of Paul Brunton: Essential Readings

16 Inspired Wisdom in Practice: Quotations from Paul Brunton ~ Arthur Broekhuysen  (ed.) 1992

17 Meditations for People in Charge 1995
   Review by David Schwerin
   Review by New Dimensions Newsletter

18 Meditations for People in Crisis 1996
   Review by Stephen Levine
   Values and Visions Reviews
   The Ithaca Journal
   More reviews of Meditations for People in Crisis

19 What is Karma? 1998
Review from Sudakshina Trust
   Review from The Midwest Book Review
   Review from Values and Visions
   More reviews of What Is Karma?

20 The Gift of Grace: Awakening to Its Presence  2011
   Review from Spirituality and Practice
   Review by Joey Madia
   More reviews of The Gift of Grace

21 Perpetual Calendar: The Wisdom of Paul Brunton Day by Day
   Reviews of Perpetual Calendar

22 The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening  2014
Endorsement by Adyashanti
   Endorsement by Gangaji
   Review by Light of Consciousness
   Review by Jerry Katz (plus radio discussion)
   More Reviews including Authors/Teachers
   Review by Gary Goldberg (plus radio discussion)
   Interview by Linda Ruth video
   Review by Mountain Path
   "You Are Already Where You Should Be," a review by Joey Madia

23 Realizing Soul: From Intuition to an Inspired Life  2015
   Endorsement by Mooji
   Here is a review posted on the Spirituality & Practice website.

24 Instructions for Spiritual Living  2019
   Reviews by authors/teachers
   Interviews with PBPF Board Member Jeff Cox